HearthSong Super Fun Stilts

If you are looking for the perfect gift or equipment to encourage kids to be active outdoors or learn a new skill, HearthSong has a line of toys that may be just the thing.  Our family was sent a set of Super Fun Stilts for review and my kids were so excited!  Having played with pogo sticks, hop balls, hula hoops, jump ropes and a small trampoline, it was exciting to get to try something new.  I was unsure if my kids would be able to master stilts, but sure enough, with practice, both my 5-year-old boy and my balance-challenged 10-year-old girl were able to learn to walk on these stilts.  Outside.  In the grass.  (Mommy has visions of lots of bumps and bruises should the kids try them on the driveway!)

These brightly colored stilts are made from steel and include angled shoulder supports, hand grips, rubber feet and non-skid footrests.  They are adjustable for 56.5-66 inches in height.  Age recommendations include children ages 6-adult and can accommodate up to 220 pounds.  I would categorize them as durable, fun and adaptable to kids and adults of various sizes.  I found assembly a little difficult since there were no instructions and I had to look at the picture on the box to assemble them correctly.  I did it wrong once, getting the handles on backward, but managed to figure it out on the second try.  (Spatial tasks are not my strong suit.)  Otherwise, my children can take them apart on their own to adjust them as necessary.

Now, after several days, there are more scratches and dings on the stilts than there are on my children.  They have shared them with friends and spent many hours working to master stilt-walking.  These stilts were the prized-possession at our last homeschool PE day!  I love anything that works on increasing balancing skills, since that is an area in which my 10-year-old really struggles.  I also seek out equipment that sends kids outside to play actively and cooperatively with one another.  These stilts fit the bill!

The Hearthsong website will allow you to search for other toys, games and equipment by age in categories such as Outdoor, Arts, Imaginative, Toys and Games.  There are so many other fun-looking items!  My children were drooling at the options.  Here are a few items from their wishlists:

Round-n-round Outdoor Swing ($99)

Zyclone Flyer  ($24.98)

And, a Y-Bike Extreme ($59.99) for their little brother!


I was impressed with the variety of quality toys and equipment available from Hearthsong.  What a great website!  Hearthsong is the place to go for active, outdoor toys and equipment for your children (and yourself!).  Check them out!

BUY IT!  Super Fun Stilts are available from Hearthsong for $44.98.

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    Janet W. says:

    They have the neatest products! Everything looks like so much fun to enjoy as a family!

  2. 2

    Those stilts look AWESOME! I’d love to try them myself. I know my kids would love an outdoor swing like the one pictured as well.

  3. 3

    My nephews both have birthdays coming up. These stilts would be perfect! They will have a blast on them!

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