Play-dough Pictionary

It’s that time of year. When we are working to organize our homes with lots of Spring Cleaning. But, our houses are not the only thing that needs whipped into shape. Our family relationships need organizing too. What better way to get our families on track, then to play together.

This game is great for kids and adults alike. It is the perfect game to play if it is just you and your spouse, or a large group of people. Whoever happens to be around, grab some play-dough, sit down and have fun.

You Will Need
Lots of colors is fun, but one color will work just fine also. Homemade play-dough works great too.

I have included a list of words for you at the end of the post to get you started. Add any other words you think would be fun, or that would work for your family.

How to Play

Divide into teams.

Give each team play-dough. We like to give each team a few different colors.

Print off one copy of the words (listed below) for each team. Cut the words into strips and put them in a bowl or baggie.
When you say “GO”, one person from each team will choose a word out of the bowl. They will attempt to “SCULPT” that word for their team using the play-dough. They cannot talk, make noises, use actions, or anything else. They can only use the play-dough. The rest of their team is trying to guess what they are making.
Once someone on their team has guessed, the next team member pulls another word out of the bowl and begins to sculpt.
This continues, everyone taking turns sculpting, until all the words in their bowl have been guessed. The team to do this first, wins.


Instead of going through the whole bowl of words to win, you can set a timer. When time is up, the team with the most words guessed, wins.Small teams, such as teams of two will work just fine.If you are playing with just two or three people, take turns sculpting for the whole group, and keep score as individuals. (Set a timer, sculpt, and if your word is guessed in the time frame, you get a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game, wins.)If your children are small and can’t read yet, instead of words, draw pictures and put those on the different slips of paper. Or even create a separate bowl that holds the picture clues. When it is an adults turn, they pick from the words. A child’s turn, they pick from the picture clues.

If you have a really big group. Put one person in charge of the list of words. Send one “sculpter” up from each team to get their first word. They have to run back and sculpt. As soon as their teammates correctly guess the words, a new person from their group runs up to the person with the list and they given their next word. This lets teams run and move around and adds even more fun to the game. The team who successfully gets through the whole list first, wins.

List of Words (print off one copy for each team. Cut the words into slips of paper and put in a bowl or baggie)
Engagement Ring
Apple Tree
Bow and Arrow
Light Bulb
Enjoy spending time together as a family.


  1. 1

    I love this idea! I think my 2 yr old could do this with help from a grown up

  2. 2

    We LOVE family game nights and also, adults only game nights. This would be a blast for BOTH!

  3. 3
    courtney b says:

    this looks fun! we are gonna play it!:)

  4. 4
    Janet W. says:

    What a great idea! I love it. I’m always looking for new family-friendly, fun activities!

  5. 5

    Such a great idea! My nephews would love this!

  6. 6

    The game really is a blast. You and your family will love playing.

  7. 7

    I love game night, and can’t wait to do this when our kids when they are a bit older.

  8. 8
    Dandi D says:

    This is such a fun idea. It would be a great game for rainy days with kids.

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