Need a Fabulous Baby Shower Gift? Try Diaper Cakewalk!

Every few months it seems that someone I know has a baby. I find myself driving around town, running in and out of stores with the kids in tow, trying to find just the right gift. Even with all the shopping, I still struggle to find a heartfelt, useful gift that celebrates the excitement of a new baby. Until now.

My endless search for baby gifts has come to an end. From now on, my friends will all be getting a Diaper Cake from Diaper Cakewalk.

Diaper Cakes look just like a cake, but they are made out of diapers and baby care products. Designed to be used. Every diaper, plush toy, and baby care product is carefully selected because it is a nursery must have. They only use premium Pampers Swaddlers disposable diapers. The diapers are carefully fashioned into the shape of a cake so that every single diper is ready to use the moment it is received.

New babies are a time of celebration and excitement. We all want to send a new baby gift that will express our joyful and heartfelt best wishes, but you also want to send something that will be a blessing to the new parents as they adjust to life with a newborn. Diaper Cakewalk makes the perfect gift.

Available in 3 Tier, 4 Tier or 5 Tier cakes, Diaper Cakewalk has something for everyone. Their large collection of cakes will make it easy to pick the perfect one. They make Boy Cakes, Girl Cakes, Neutral Cakes. Along with Diaper Castles, Mini Diaper Cakes, and they even make a Diaper Sampler Cake that contains three different brands of diapers for mom’s who want to try a few on “for size” to see which they like the best.

You can even order a Make Your Own cake. The cake comes all ready for you to decorate. 

Wouldn’t a diaper cake make the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower.

I was very impressed by Diaper Cakewalk. They were fast. Perfect for the last minute gift. The craftsmanship was beautiful, with great attention to detail. Our cake was so well put together. And I was very impressed by the packaging and how secure the cake was. It arrived in the mail in perfect condition. Everything in its place. Just like it was off a show room floor. I didn’t have to do any work to give it as a gift. Just open the box and it is ready to be delivered. With 4 children and a busy busy schedule, this really made gift giving a lot easier.

Diaper cakes are so useful.  Here are a few ideas for using diaper cakes as new baby gifts that you might not have considered.

  • Order your favorite diaper cake a few weeks before the new baby’s arrival.  Take it with you to the hospital to brighten the new mother’s room instead of fresh flowers.
  • Planning on making a meal for the new mom and dad?  Order a diaper cake to take with you when you deliver dinner – an unexpected gift and a guilt-free dessert!
  • Purchase a diaper cake to take with you to a baby shower.  The baby shower hostess will appreciate your thoughtful gift for the baby as much as the mom-to-be, because the diaper cake can double as a decoration for the baby shower.
  • Have a diaper cake shipped directly to the home of the new mom and dad to welcome the new family home from the hospital.  The most appreciated new baby gifts in those first few days at home are always the ones that can be used for the new baby!
  • Know a new mom who is an avid scrapbooker?  She can use the ribbons and bows from her diaper cake to decorate a page in her new baby’s scrapbook.  This makes a charming memento of your thoughtful gift.
Whether you are having a new baby, or you need a gift for a friend or loved one, Diaper Cakewalk has just the thing. You can even order a double cake for twins. Or, place a custom order and pick the colors and stuffed animal of your choice.
Diaper Cakewalk Website and Blog are great places to not only see all your diaper cake possibilities, but they are filled with great baby, and baby shower ideas too.
BUY IT!  Cakes range from around $45. 00 to $160.00. You can go to Diaper Cakewalk to have the perfect diaper cake new baby gift, delivered right to you door. Or have it shipped directly to the mom-to-be.
CONNECT! Be sure you follow Diaper Cakewalk on Facebook, Twitter, and on the Diaper CakeWalk Blog. Prefer placing your order over the phone? Call Diaper Cakewalk at (877) 780-CAKE.

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