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I have naturally dry, super-fine, tight curly hair.  Sometimes I like my curly hair, but wish it were not SO curly.  A head of perfectly cascading curls is my dream.  Is that too much to ask?  In the past I have tried heat curlers and curling irons, but the heat damages and dulls my already dry hair, and the curls usually elongate and disappear within an hour or two unless I use massive amounts of hairspray.  Yuck!  I have tried sleeping and air drying in several different types of curlers, but they are never quite the perfect curls I am hoping for.  Not to mention that I can never seem to roll my hair the right way, and it seems to take forever for my hair to dry in them (I have oftentimes woken up to find that my hair is still slightly damp).

That’s when I found a revolutionary (and fun) way to curl hair – CurlFormers by Hair Flair.  You get the PERFECT SALON-STYLE CURLS EVERY TIME.  

The curlers are made of a tough, bouncy breathable mesh, so your hair dries faster with or without applied heat.  The result?  Shiny, healthy (perfect) curls and not my usual dried out, damaged hair.

They are super easy to use.  Don’t believe me?  Check out their instructional video below.

  1. Start with wet hair and add mousse or gel. (I used a somewhat oily olive oil and shea butter conditioning product that I like to use to keep my hair less dry-looking, and I worried that it might make the curls weighed down, but it didn’t.)
  2. Put the styling hook through one of the CurlFormers and twist a section of combed hair through the end of the hook.
  3. Pull the hair through the CurlFormer and it will automatically bounce into proper place.  (I did notice that a few of the CurlFormers didn’t bounce up immediately, and I worried that those sections wouldn’t turn out as well.  However, after a few minutes, they did spring up to their original shape just fine.)
  4. Air dry, blow dry or sleep with them on overnight.
  5. Remove to find a perfect head of glossy, bouncy curls.

EASY PEASY!  Now I no longer have to roll up my hair in awkward ways nor use heat styling tools that damage my already dry hair in order to get a gorgeous head of curls.  As an added bonus, my curls stayed the entire day, although by the end of the day they did look slightly less bouncy (but nonetheless still beautiful).  This picture was taken after several hours of wear (and tugging by my 3 kids) and without any hairspray.  Curls have never lasted this long for me, even when I use hairspray.  Even my own natural curls tend to frizz out by the end of the day, so these results were amazing to me!


Long Lasting
No Heat Required
Fool-Proof Curls

CurlFormers are suitable for all hair types, and they have various style kits to create your perfect set of desired curls – dramatic red-carpet looks, special occasion up-dos, celebrity styles, romantic curls, sexy beach hair and everything inbetween. I used the long and extra wide kit to create my look, but you can read through this explanation to figure out which kit, from short to extra long and narrow to extra wide, is right for you.  And of course, you can vary your look by trying out several different style kits.


BUY IT!  The Starter Packs start at $11.99 and the full Styling Kits go up to $68.95.

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    You hair looks great!! I have curly hair, too. I should give this a try!

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