UM! (Just in Time for Spring Cleaning + Organization)

Hook Um!, Stick Um! & Note Um!

No glue.  No tape.  No nails.

I love things that can be reused.  Recycling, reusing and repurposing are a big deal to me.  There is a time and place to purchase something that can only be used once, but I really appreciate repeated-use items.  That’s why I want to share this company’s products with you.

Um! Brands sent me one of each of their products to review.  I received two different Hook Um!, a Note Um! and a Stick Um!.  Each of these items uses “revolutionary material called EverSTIK™, which uses nanosuction adhesive technology instead of old fashioned glue and tape to adhere securely to any non-porous surfaces without leaving a mark.”  They are kind of like Post-it Notes on steroids.  Simple instructions for use and reuse come in each package.

Hook Um!  is a line of adhesive hooks that use no glue, no tape and no nails, but will hold items up off the floor.  Um! offers these hooks in all kinds of shapes, styles and hook positions.  Single and multiple hooks are available for $6.99-$12.99.  There is something for everyone.  And, they are incredibly easy to use and re-use.


I used my Hook Um!s to hang the cords for my digital cameras on the wall next to the computer.  Nothing is more frustrating when downloading pictures than to have to hunt for the appropriate cord!  Ugh.  Hanging them on the hooks right next to the computer will save SO much time.  Interestingly, I hung one rather cock-eyed and was pleased to see that it was easily removable and could be repositioned with ease!

Note Um! is a line of dry erase boards that are flexible and sticky-backed, making them mountable on a variety of surfaces.  I can see them being used on the back of the front door to write reminders, on the refrigerator door to write shopping lists and on mirrors to leave love notes and reminders.  (Dry erase markers are not included.)  These are available in three different sizes and three different colors.  Note Um! are available for $5.99-$19.99.

I hung my Note Um! reusable whiteboard on the bathroom mirror to write love notes to my husband and for him to tell me when we are out of something.  Convenient and does not take up space on the counter or the wall.  Love it!

This line of products is a versatile sticky mat that allows you to place items someplace and have them stay there.  Um! says, “with our everSTIK™ technology, you can now mount up to 10 pounds of anything on to any surface without ever reaching for a hammer; then you can remove it whenever you like, leaving behind no mark, over and over again.”  Stick Um! are available for $6.99-$7.99.


I used my Stick Um! to have a place for my sunglasses to sit on the dashboard of our van.  This way, when I am driving with the windows down, my sunglasses (if I am not wearing them) will not fly out the window when I go around a corner.  Nice!

Each one of these products can be reused, even if it gets dirty.  Simply rinse off, let dry and reuse.  Amazing!  These would make great wedding gifts, gifts for grads and college students, great for lockers and anywhere you want to hang or write something without having to nail it to the wall!

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