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The last few weeks, our son and daughter have had a great time playing Math Blaster.  Math Blaster is a futuristic online adventure, packed with wacky aliens, high-tech gadgets and, of course, math!

Do your kids like video games? If you are looking for an online game that looks like what “Dad” or “brother” play, but is educational and more suited to younger kids, Math Blaster may be your answer.  Math Blaster is an online arena in which your child (ages 5-12) can design and name their own character, visit different areas to play a variety games and meet new friends.  I was really surprised at how similar the game looks to some of the online games my husband plays.

If you are like me, you worry about your kids on line. Rest assured, the Math Blaster brand has been around for 25 years and has earned the trust of over 10 million parents and teachers by providing safe, age-appropriate games for kids. is no exception. Their preprogrammed names, and other built-in safety features are designed to protect kids and prevent personal information from being shared. Plus, their parental controls give parents the power to select the perfect level of interaction for each of our kids.

As new recruits at the prestigious Blaster Academy, your kids will play arcade-style math games and race through high-speed missions with the help of a cast of characters that are out of this world! After learning the ropes in Blaster Academy, new cadets join the Intergalactic Space Patrol (ISP), an elite team of Blasters sworn to explore and protect even the furthest galaxies and deepest black holes of the universe. Armed with the most advanced gadgets and fine-tuned math skills, the cadets of the ISP will travel to exotic new planets, discover bizarre alien races and face extraordinary challenges!

Kids design their very own Cadets and then head off into space to play and learn.

How does it work? Simply register and install the 3D engine, launch the game and let your kids explore the planets and galaxies of Math Blaster!

Anyone can register to play for free, and have fun practicing and learning Math. I suggest you sign up for a membership so that you have access to member only lessons and games, member only avatars and pieces, as well as practice advance math concepts. This was a big deal to our son who loves to open and unlock all the secrets.

One of my favorite parts of setting up our account, was the fact that I could sign up to 6 kids under the same account. Which meant that both our older children could sign up.

Our son’s favorite game is the Alien Wrangler. In this game he has to answer questions before the time runs out. He really likes the challenge of being timed, and it has helped him improve on his timed tests at school. He also loves Roller Ball Rally, Academy, and Zapper Turett Training.

I asked our daughter what game she liked and she said all of them. She did say she was really excited to make some new BFF”s. Stands for Blaster Friends of the Future. :)

I appreciate that you can search for games by subject. This lets me choose a game that matches what the kids are studying in school at the moment. It is a really fun way to practice and reinforce what they are learning.

The games don’t feel like math study at all. The math is worked right into the games naturally. I can see MathBlaster being a great resource to help our kids keep up with their Math skills over the summer, when the last thing they want to do is school work, but I know they need to keep up with their skills.

I think especially for boys, fun learning games can be hard to find. Particularly as our kids get older. does a great job providing excitement and challenge to kids of all ages and abilities. Our kids, ages 9 and 7 have loved playing and I have seen an improvement in their math skills as well.

Another mom reviewer on our Nation of Moms team had a few things to add…

I, personally, have mixed feelings about using technology as a learning tool.  I was completely against it when I first began homeschooling, but after encountering some major hurdles in educating my children, I am becoming more open to it- within limits.  My kids are restricted to a limited amount of screen time.  They are not allowed to play online games unless a parent is nearby and the sound is turned on so all can hear what is happening.  And, the majority of their time must be spent in educational games, not just entertainment.  That being said, when I was offered a chance to review Math Blaster, I took it.

Things I liked:

  • The games push the kids to solve math problems within a time limit, but they make it fun.
  • There are quite a few math games to choose from, allowing each child to vary their choices.  You can find a list of them with descriptions here.
  • The graphics are well done and appealing to kids who might see their Dad or older brother play very similar looking games.
  • wThere are certain privileges that have to be earned, such as rewards for improving your room (pod) or getting more options with your Mutt (an alien dog-thing).  These things are not automatically provided.
  • The parent’s site has all kinds of information on games sorted into different groups.  Plus, you can update your payment information, your contact information, the settings for each child, and even add a child (up to 6 children per account).
  • The teacher’s site allows teachers (or the parent/teacher) based on age and math skills beginning at age 5 and going through pre-algebra.  Plus, they include a ton of printable math worksheets of all kinds, skill levels and games.  I LOVED THIS PART!  Plus, scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of other math activity links.  This is an amazing resource and probably MY favorite part of the website.
  • The Math Blaster Blog is great for keeping up to date on new games and options for the entire site. I have found as a parent, that the blog helps me know what new things are coming out. I love being familiar with what our kids are doing.

Things I did not like:

  • Many of the games had nothing to do with math, except for perhaps pre-math skills like problem solving.  I found my children gravitated toward these games instead of the ones requiring math skills.
  • It was really complicated for my 10 and 5-year-old to figure out how to get to a particular location.  It got better with time, but often they were asking for my help.  Since I don’t play computer games at all, I was really no help.
  • I still have not figured out how to get out of the game without just “x-ing out”.  I looked in several places for that information and still have not found it.  That meant that sometimes the work my kids had done was saved, and other times it was not saved.  That may or may not just be me.

One of my daughter’s favorite math games was Bolt Cruncher.  I found the variety of options nice, the timing a little fast in the beginning, but doable as it pushed her to work and think faster.  She learned more about fractions using this game than she did doing them on paper.  That was nice.

She had two other games she loved that seemed to involve little to no math.  One was Beaver’s Revenge.  I learned from an outside source that this game is very similar to Angry Birds (one I have heard of, but never played).  My kids both loved this game, even though my 5-year-old did not have the skills to play it himself.  He loved watching his older sister play.

My daughter also loved to play a game called Ice Cubed.  This required a significant amount of problem solving and I was frequently called in to help.  Ha!  I was not much help.  Her Dad on the other hand was very good at this game, so they could play together.   The goal of this game is to get the frozen monster from one place to another over unstable and disappearing squares.  Then you have to get him stood upright in just the right place to thaw him.  Easy to say.  Not so easy to do.

My favorite game to watch her play is called Hyperblast.  The character zooms through tunnels filled with obstacles to avoid until he/she comes to a place where there is a math barrier.  To get beyond the barrier, there are a number of problems to solve in a given period of time.  The type of math and difficulty are adjustable, making this game fun for both my 5-year-old and my 10-year-old.  Mom approved of the math and they had fun.

TRY IT!  Register for your own account.  You can play Math Blaster for free, and/or sign up for a membership.  Math Blaster subscriptions are available on a monthly, yearly and lifetime membership basis.  They start at $8.99 for one month and go up to a lifetime membership at $149.99.  These include access to both Math Blaster and Jump Start for up to 6 kids.  What a deal!  If you want to check it out first, sign up for a monthly membership and see what Math Blaster and Jump Start can do for your kids!  Happy playing!

Your kids will not want to stop playing. No worries, you can even play MathBlasters on your mobile phone.


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    I just wanted to say that I played Math Blaster as a kid and loved it! I had no idea it was still around. Very cool. :-)

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