Kolcraft’s Sesame Street Elmo Adventure Potty Seat (**GIVEAWAY**)

Kolcraft is a brand that is recognized by a majority of moms and dads out there today!  With their start in 1946, Kolcraft focused on playpen padding for post World War II babies.  Today, the Kolcraft line extends to most babies out there and their line of products varies from walkers and activity centers, to mattresses, to strollers.  Boasting brands such as Jeep and Sealy, Kolcraft is one of the top companies out there to produce the everyday children’s products that we know and love.

Recently, I had the privilege of receiving the Sesame Street ® Elmo Adventure Potty Chair.  Noah is now over 2 and although his preschool will not require him to be potty trained until a year from now, I would love to have only one in diapers!  Noah has not been overly enthused about potty training, but I do make him sit on the potty before we go into the bath each night, where he always goes, even if it is just a little bit!

When we opened the package to receive the Kolcraft Sesame Street ® Elmo Adventure Potty Chair, Noah was ecstatic!  What child that is 2 years old doesn’t love Elmo?

The Sesame Street ® Elmo Adventure Potty Chair with adult seat adapter resembles a real toilet to help the child’s transition to an adult toilet easier.


  • Resembles real toilet with flush handle helping child’s transition to an adult toilet.
  • The seat adapter removes easily for use on most adult toilets.
  • Flush handle with encouraging Elmo phrases and flush sounds
  • The waste cup removes easily for disposal and quick cleaning.
  • Aquarium lenticular label inside tank for 3D effect
  • The potty seat can be removed and placed on the adult potty as a good transition from the potty seat to the adult toilet.


We had this potty setup next to the adult potty and would have Noah try and sit on it as we used the restroom, but also right before he went into the tub each night.  In addition, though, we host play dates at our home quite often and it was used by several of his little friends and was a hit!  Several of the kids wanted to try and use the potty several times while they visited simply to hang out with Elmo.  I was recently lucky enough to be approved to host a potty training playdate by a very reputable and well-known diaper company.  This was a great opportunity to have several toddlers over that were ready to potty train and utilize the Elmo potty!

To encourage potty training at our home, with Noah or with his friends, we also have an Elmo potty book with sounds that we have next to the potty to read while they try.

What I did learn though, is while Noah’s friends LOVED this potty, Noah seems to prefer using the white seat that removes from the Elmo potty and use it on the adult potty. This was a great feature!

I like that the bowl did have the yellow “bump” at the front, as it not only served as a handle to remove and clean after use, but also helped to control urine from splashing out of the potty ~ especially for the little boys.

Of course, the feature that the kids seemed to like the most was the flush mechanism in which Elmo spoke.

This potty is great for toddlers who love Elmo and are curious about starting to potty train! I would recommend to my friends :)

BUY IT! The Sesame Street Elmo Adventure Potty Seat is exclusively sold on WalMart.com for a retail price of $29.99.

Kolcraft has such a great variety of additional brands including Jeep, Sealy and Contours, amongst others.  Some of my favorite products available that I would love to try are the Contours Optima stroller, the Jeep Liberty Renegade walker and the Jeep® Travel Anywhere®Sport 2-in-1 Booster Seat & Everyday Bag!  Fantastic products at the utmost quality!



CONNECT! Take a moment to visit the Kolcraft website and read more about the wide range of brands and products available, as well as news and specials through Twitter and on Facebook.


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    chrystal utley says:

    i am ANOM and kolcraft facebook fan. but i dont use pintrest, youtube, twitter, or blog!

    i LOOOVE this elmo potty, my 2 year old son is just starting to potty-train and this would be PERFECT! i also LOOVE the Universal Express Rider stroller from kolcraft, i am in my 3rd trimester and this double stroller is exactly what i need!!

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    Yes! The Elmo Potty is one of the best potties out there. Thanks for the write up!

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