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A Nation of Moms LOVES Super Undies!  Why?  Because they are durable, comfortable, colorful, stretchy and effectively absorbent super hero-inspired cloth training pants designed to look like big kid undies!  They are made in the USA and have a custom-milled smooth inner fabric to help your super hero feel wet, thus potty train faster.

The leak-resistant Super Undies, available in super hero-inspired colors, come in the following varieties:

  • Pull-on Trainer with 9 absorbent layers ($19.95-$21.95) – these are most like your disposable Pull-Ups or underwear
  • Pocket Trainer with 7 absorbent layers ($19.95-$21.95) – these are more like a cloth diaper with a pocket for optional inserts (added absorbency) and “parent snaps” for easy removal
  • Nighttime Undies with 13 absorbent layers ($29.95-$34.95) – these are for nighttime protection for the potty training years and bed-wetters all the way up to 12 years old!

We had a few more of our cloth diapering review team moms (from expert to novice) put in their “two cents” on these fabulous training pants.  See what each had to say in their highlights below or read each of their full reviews on their own blogs…

The “Intermediate” Cloth Diaperer:

The words “toilet training” can send parents into a nervous sweat. It can be a really hard time for families.  Take some of the stress out of the toilet training process and invest in the Super Undies that you know are the best for your little ones, day or night.

Our youngest has a slight case of eczema and nighttime disposable pull on diapers always left her itching, sweaty and uncomfortable.  The Nighttime Trainers were the perfect solution to my nighttime training concern.

Our daughter loved how soft they were, and that she was able to wear “big girl undies” to bed. We saw improvements in her ability to keep dry at night after only one week of use. I think mainly because she felt like she was in real underwear that she had to keep dry, instead of a diaper.

Read her full review at Family Volley.

The Expert Cloth Diapering Mom:

Super Undies 23 sideSuper Undies are training pants that can take you from the “still needs diapers, but trying to use the potty stage” all the way to “just need a little help on car rides.” The nighttime undies are a great choice for older kids that might need extra security at night, but don’t want to feel like they are wearing a diaper.

I received one of the pocket trainers, which are easy to pull on, but also have snaps at the back to make them easier to take off in case of accidents.  The stretchy sides make them very easy to use!

The really nice thing about them is that you can make them as absorbent as you need to.  They have a thin sewn in soaker, but also have a pocket to add more absorbency.  You can use one, two or three step-up inserts as you need, and Super Undies can essentially function as pull up diapers for a child who is very new to potty learning, making the transition from diapers to trainers much smoother.  The insert fits perfectly into the pocket, and it looks very trim even when stuffed.

Read the rest of this very detailed review at

Another Intermediate Fluff User:

My 5-year-old still wets the bed occasionally.  It is not every night, but it happens despite our vigilant attempts to limit liquids after dinner and make a last-minute trip to the potty before bed.  Super Undies seemed like the answer.  So far, they seem to be magic undies.  He has not wet the bed once since we got them.  I even ordered a step up insert to increase the absorbency, since there are nights it seems like he has had a gallon to drink that all comes out in his bed.  Sigh.  If this keeps up, they should market them as Magic Undies.

Nevertheless, let me tell you what I DO know.

On the plus side:

  • The outside is super soft (fleece lining) around the waist and leg holes.  My oldest described it as being “just like a pillow”.
  • The insides are soft and comfortable.  “It feels nice”, said my 5-year-old.
  • They are super absorbent.  Just see how much water they will absorb by feeling how much they weigh when you take them out of the washer!
  • They are easy to wash.  Just be sure to leave out the items with Velcro on them!
  • There are available in colors neutral enough that they can be handed down to a child of a different gender without raised eyebrows from those who pay attention to those kinds of details!

On the down side:

  • They are bulky.  We had to find a different set of pajama bottoms to wear when he was wearing these.  They would not fit under his regular pajama bottoms.
  • They are not made of cotton or wool.  I really prefer natural fibers.  However, diapers and pull ups are not made from cotton or wool, either, so who am I kidding?  Perhaps a future model?
  • They are pricey.  If this is going to be an every night item, having enough on hand to avoid doing laundry EVERY MORNING might get to be too much.  It is worth it to me, but others may not think so.

I have yet to actually have to actually clean these up since their “magic” is still in effect.  I may end up saying that the problem disappeared with the appearance of Super Undies, but I do not want to “jinx” myself!

The Novice User:

My son is daytime potty-trained, but he doesn’t always make it through the night without wetting. We usually use disposable diapers or Pull-Ups during the night, but a few months ago I started buying cloth diapers in anticipation of our second child.

We tried out the nighttime undies training pants – they fit our son perfectly and he has been leak-free every time.  I love that they make my son feel like a big boy and that they are much easier to use than diapers for nighttime potty trips.  However, it did take my son a couple of nights to get used to the bulk of all the layers.  If your child only wets once during the night like mine, then the pull-on potty training undies may be a better choice.

Read her full review at Baxter Happenings.

Another Novice Fluff Lover:

When we got our Super Undies Nighttime Undies, we were having more dry nights than wet nights but still not consistently enough that I felt comfortable putting my son in regular training pants at night.  The Super Undies are ideal for this “transition” period in potty training.  I was very pleased with the waterproof properties and the fit.  For those having more nighttime accidents, you can also stuff more soaker pads (or anything cotton) into the pocket, which makes them great for nighttime potty training from start to finish… you don’t have to run out and buy multiple training pants for each stage of potty training.

My son loves that they’re also comfy to sleep in, unlike the bulky plastic pants I started him with!

Read her full review at My 3 Boys and Me.

BUY IT!  Find these amazing potty training pants in various retailers, or buy directly from Super Undies and they will email you a code for $5.00 off your first order just for creating an account.  Make sure you check out the Potty Training Boot Camp Packages and add a few accessories – Hemp Soaker PodsStep-Up Inserts, and Waterproof Potty Training Rugs – to your order.


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