Our MFC Charitable Sponsors

Thank you for such the success of this year’s A Merry Fluffy Christmas event!  Lots of great packages from almost 40 blogs, tons of entries and lots of happy winners taking home lots of “fluff” yet again.

Apart from the giveaway packages, we secured a few items from some very wonderful, giving sponsors for a very good cause.  These items will be going to an extremely deserving family in need this Christmas!!  (Sorry, but names are kept confidential.)

Thank you, sponsors!  Please support these sponsors first when thinking of purchasing cloth diapering items.  And when you have no need for cloth diapers any longer, share the “love” by passing them on to a friend, family member, or anyone in need.  Consider donating to local charities and even national organizations like Giving Diapers, Giving Hope or the Cloth Cooperative.

ONE family in need will receive products from the following sponsors:


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