Oreck Magnesium – A Revolution in Vacuum Cleaners

At several times per week, we vacuum way more than the average family, so I’d say we’re a bit of “experts” in that category.  This is especially true when one of your son’s first few words is “vacuum” or when you get rid of several vacuums at a garage sale and still have 4 more in your home.  (Yes, I’m a bit of a vacuum freak.)

A few weeks ago, we gave away a new Oreck Magnesium before their official “debut” on the market.  They were so new that we hadn’t even received ours for a proper review!  But now that we’ve enjoyed our sleek-looking Magnesium the entire month of December, we can share with our readers just how awesome it really is, so that you can clean up the holiday disasters and start your New Year off right.

Revolutionary.  That’s what my husband calls it. And it truly is.  Why?

  • The magnesium frame makes it durable, lightweight and virtually indestructible (not that I would know, ahem).
  • It has an unbelievable direct suction airflow of 102 mph and spin of 7,000 rpm’s.  You can actually hear the particles entering the vacuum, so all you’re left with is a superior clean!
  • Usually, more suction power equals a heavier and subsequently harder job.  Not anymore!  Weighing in at just over 7 pounds and coupled with large, high performance rear wheels, it feels so easy to operate and maneuver, even with a one-finger touch.  So no more fighting and sweating with the heaviness of your vacuum.
  • With the 2 speed Quickswitch, it is powerful yet gentle and effective at cleaning virtually any surface.
  • Its flatter than average head, thin profile and twin LED lights allow it to go where no other vacuum has gone before – under low-to-the-ground furniture.
  • It automatically shuts down if it accidentally picks up a sock or shoelaces (again, not that I would know, ahem), so that the Endurolife™ Belt stays intact and the motor is protected.
  • It has an odor-fighting, 8-quart capacity HEPA inner bag and a Saniseal Docking system.
  • It comes with a 7-year limited warranty and 3 free annual tune-ups.
  • And check out the easy fit handle – it’s higher than Oreck’s other vacuums, making it especially great for taller individuals.

Oreck Vacuum

Watch our video for a demonstration: (Ignore my sickish voice)


Some things that would make it absolutely perfect:

  • Though the Magnesium has a boastful 30-foot cord, our previous Oreck vacuum (the Edge) has a 35-foot cord, which we especially love.  That vacuum also had an onboard wand for light cleaning, so that I didn’t have to get out our handheld canister vacuum for a quick clean-up job.  However, I understand that to make it low profile and lightweight, there has to be some give somewhere.
  • Our first Oreck (the XL) had a nifty little pocket to hold the warranty and tune-up information.  This one does not.
  • I wish it had a way to start on the low power setting. In order to go to that low setting, you need to push the “on” button twice, as it starts on the higher setting.

BUY IT! You can purchase an Oreck Magnesium for $499.99 with FREE SHIPPING or pay an extra $100 for the upright Magnesium/Ultimate Handheld Vac combo.  And as always, Oreck offers their risk-free 30-day trial.

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  1. 1
    Sari Berry says:

    Thanks for your review! At the moment this vacuum is a little too pricey for me, but I will definitely keep it in mind because it looks like a good one!

  2. 2
    kevin Springer says:

    The price is way to high, and using Bags is seriously old school, for $499.00 you can buy a top of the line bagless with no loss of suction, that doesn’t require tune-ups. This vacuum should be priced around $129.00 or so and when you come out with a new model make it bagless.


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