My Kitchen is Boring: Renovating the Kitchen to Make it More Exciting

by guest Andrew Brusnahan

Let’s face it, sometimes your house can become boring to look at, especially if you have been there for a few years. Walking into a room and seeing the same coat of paint, the same boring tiles, and so on and so forth. The kitchen seems to be one of those rooms that just seem to lose its luster more often than any other room. Then again, a great deal of time is spent in the kitchen. Luckily though, renovating the kitchen is not as daunting a task as it may seem; in fact, it could be much easier than you think.

Naturally, one of the first attributes of a kitchen that you, your family, and any guests are going to notice is the paint on the wall. If your house is like most houses, the most common color of paint on the walls is going to be white or eggshell white. White is always a good color, but it seems to fade fast, especially in a home with small children or cigarette smoke. Try livening up the kitchen by giving it a much more vibrant coat of paint. A bright red, soft purple, or subtle brown can really bring out, not only the personality of your kitchen, but your personality as well. Moreover, painting is a great way to incorporate the whole family and spend time together; you may find it to be more entertaining than it seems.

Typically, when one thinks of a makeover, they think of all new things. I’m sure we have all seen one of the many “home makeover” shows that litter the television. On these shows, select families essentially get a brand new house outfitted with the latest in cool gadgets. When it comes to your kitchen, replacing the old appliances in your kitchen with sleek, new appliances can make your kitchen look brand new. However, if you are renovating on a budget, then purchasing new appliances may not be the best option. Instead, you could perform a bit of maintenance on your old appliances. If your dishwasher has been running rougher than usual, now is a good chance purchase whatever dishwasher parts it may need to have it running optimally. Aside from maintenance, your old appliances would probably appreciate a fresh paint job. In fact, you could paint your appliances in a complementary shade of your kitchen color.

If you have the privilege of not being on a budget, then a complete kitchen renovation may be on your horizon. However, unless you are handy with a wide variety of tools, you may need to seek the aid of a professional contractor; preferably one who specializes in kitchen renovation. I’m sure you have ideas floating around, creating an image of your dream kitchen. Maybe you want to eliminate your obtrusive counter, adding in an island in the middle of your kitchen. Perhaps new and intricate cabinetry is something you want. No matter what you desire, chances are a professional contractor can make it happen for you. However, be sure to do a little research on anyone you are letting come into your home.

A kitchen renovation may be just the thing your home needs to give it that new appeal you were looking for. In a lot of cases, the front door opens up to the kitchen, making it the first thing visible when you or any visitors walk in the door. Therefore, a few renovations here and there may make your kitchen look brand new. The ideas mentioned above are just a few of the very many ideas that are out there. Whether you are adding in a kitchen backsplash, replacing the laminate tiling with hardwood floors, or simply painting the cabinets, as long as you are happy with your kitchen, then that is all that matters.


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    I love that backsplash!

    I live in a beautiful condo that I rent. It is perfect in every way but one. When the owner painted the kitchen, he didn’t know what he was doing so he painted the kitchen in flat paint. It’s a nightmare and it looks awful. I can’t wipe anything off it. He’s said he’s going to come back and paint again, but boy oh boy…a backsplash like the one pictured would be beautiful.

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    I desperately want to renovate my kitchen, but right now we’re saving up money to afford it. I’d love new countertops, but I want to make sure they’re properly installed.


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