Madii & Dyl: Safe Latex Pillows for Kids

Until Madii & Dyl, I had no idea that there were such great options when it came to pillows for our children. Especially new babies. I used to think that for kids, as long as the pillow wasn’t too fluffy, it would work. Now I know better. There are much better options for our kids than just a flat pillow.

Madii & Dyl is a much-loved Australian line of natural children’s products created to encourage safe and healthy growth. Their products have just now become available to American consumers for the first time. Their collection of luxe pillows and cleansing flannels are perfect for any child. Their products are all about supporting good growth in a clean, sleek way.

The best part about the Madii & Dyl collection is that their pillows are designed to meet the age specific needs of the child and focus on supporting the neck and aligning the spine. They are made of 100% latex, which makes them resistant to mildew, dust mites and bacteria growth. Products are Hypoallergenic, all-natural, and chemical-free.

Our favorite pillow is the “Sooki Babe” newborn nod booster ($39.00). It is a daytime pillow designed for infants 3+months, that cradles the head and keeps the baby from rolling over. It is also the perfect pillow to keep your babies head from becoming “flat”, from laying on their back so much as a newborn. With a newborn at home, this pillow has been perfect for us. I always feel bad when I have to lay a little newborn head down. Even the bed seems hard. The Sooki has been wonderful. It has a little indention that cradles her head, supports her neck, and gives me piece of mind.

Madii & Dyl also make a “Teenii Tot” pillow ($49.00) for little ones 18+ months. Think of this as a “my first pillow”. It also helps with transitioning from crib to bed. Our 3 year old loves her “Teenii Tot”. The size is much more manageable for her and I like that there is plenty of support for her growing head and neck.

Also offered is the “Mini Me” pillow ($59.00) designed for kids 4 years and older. It has one side higher than the other so kids can choose the height that best fits their needs.

Don’t forget their Cleansing Flannel ($15.00). It’s a wash cloth that cleans infants, children and sensitive adults without scratching, dries without stripping moisture, and is ideal for eczema, newborn cradle cap, or other problematic skin conditions. This is perfect for our little girl who has struggled with mild cases of eczema, especially in the winter months.

Madii & Dyl have done just what they set out to do. “giving today’s conscious parents and their tots a much-needed modern upgrade in the basic necessities department.” 

Another mom concurs…

Because our first child suffered from acid reflux and needed to stay as upright as possible to sleep, I have always had the mindset of allowing pillows for our children from an early (infant) age.  Besides, they seemed to prefer that upright position.  However, most pillows are too soft and thus unsafe for infants and young tots, so they mostly used our (firmer but still too large) memory foam pillows.  I really wanted something better and safer for our kids, but there just wasn’t anything in the market for this age group. Until now.

When I first received the ergonomic Madii & Dyl Mini Me and Teenii Tot latex pillows, I was a bit concerned that my 2 kids (age 4 and 22 months) would not like them – they were not as fluffy as the pillows they were very much accustomed to.  In fact, they much, much flatter and smaller all around.  But despite my initial worries, both kids took to their pillows very well.  They love them, and each pillow is absolutely the perfect size for each of their age groups!

I no longer have to worry about proper neck alignment and support, toxic memory foam, or dirty, dust mite-ladden pillows for my two tiny tots.  And the best part? I can easily wash them and they will retain their shape.  You can’t wash the memory foam pillows, and with kids, accidents of all kinds (spit-up, juice, vomit, etc.) can occur. Even on pillows.  It’s nice to have the option to just toss them in the washer.  These are perfect and just exactly what we needed to for a peaceful night’s rest – for all of us!

And the cleansing cloths have been wonderful as a wash cloth for our sensitive-skinner newborn, who had very dry, scaly skin and mild baby acne.

BUY IT!  Madii & Dyl pillows come with a polyester pillow protector and a pure cotton pillow case (white).  Their products can be found nationwide in the U.S. and can be conveniently purchased on The pillow collection retails for $39-59 and the cleansing cloth retails for $15, both with free shipping.

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  1. 1

    These pillows look great and safe! Once we’re ready for my grandson to have a pillow we will definitely check these out!

  2. 2
    jennifer dansberger jones says:

    i never knew this type of pillow was offered for kids, should have known with all the great products out there in the world and cyberspace, lol. maybe getting a great pillow when young will keep my kids out of the chiropractor when my age!

  3. 3
    Marthalynn says:

    Oh my goodness, these are so awesome! I have been looking for a pillow for my son, but didn’t know what to give a toddler. I love that these properly support their little bodies. And no toxic foam!

  4. 4

    I didn’t know that they made pillows just for kids/toddlers.

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