The Joy of Christmas Giveaway: Spa Baby

In continuing our  Joy of Christmas Giveaway Event, is…

We just had our fourth child. Before she was born, I took three old baby tubs to Good Will, one for each of our other children. Everytime we have a baby I buy a new baby tub, thinking that this time, this one, will be a good one. By baby four I had given up and already accepted the fact that I would be breaking my back leaning over the regular tub, holding her as I tried awkwardly to bath her and keep her warm.

Then…then, I tried the Spa Baby Tub. Totally different than anything you have seen, or thought about when it comes to baby baths. The tub is recommended for babies Newborn to 10 months, but you will find that depending on the size of your baby, you can use it longer. It sits upright, instead of laying your baby down, and the benefits and ease of use are fantastic.

Let me tell you why WE love the Spa Baby Tub

Our baby is warm the entire time she is in the bath. How? You fill the tub up with the right amount of water and simply sit your baby in the bath. Using your hand, under her chin, to keep her head above the water. The water rises right up around them. This has eliminated the need for me to constantly pour water over them, or keep a warm  wash rag on their chest. There is less crying and anxiety for our little one because she NEVER GETS COLD. That is a big deal. And, the water stays warm much longer than tubs that have your baby lay back.

The baby doesn’t feel vulnerable because she doesn’t have to lay on her back. Because the baby sits up in the bath, she is much more willing to relax and cooperate. There is no flailing of arms or fighting to sit up.

The bath and baby are at my height. I don’t have to rush through the baths because my back is aching.

There are no rough edges and the slanted sides fit the baby perfect. Other plastic tubes we have tried are hard and straight. The Spa Baby Tub is rounded everywhere, contouring to babies body, no matter the age. The sides are the perfect slant to her keep her little head from falling forward.

Spa Baby Tub grows with your child. You can use this tub for so long. It saves time and money not having to buy a new “type” of tub every two months as your baby grows.

The baby can “see”. Our baby is now 5 months old, and as you can see in the pictures, she loves to look up and out of the tub. She loves to see what is going on.

The tub is VERY stable. I worried that it might be tippy, but that is not the case.

It is light weight. I can lift the tub, with her towel, soap, and brush inside, easily with one hand. And because it is upright, it is easy to store when we are not using it.

The plastic has no BPA, PVC, phthalates, or latex. All good things.

Easy to bath your little one. Simply fill the tub to the water line marked for you. After a bath or two you will know if you need more or less water for your little one. Use one hand, under their chin, to keep their head above water. Watch as the water rises right up to their armpits to keep them warm the entire bath. You are free to use the other hand to wash, play, even just hold your little one. Start at the top of your baby and wash down. And when it is time to do their little bums, simply lift the baby up sightly on your forearm, and wash. It is easy, easy, easy.

This will change your baby bathing experience for the better.

Spa Baby Tub also has a very helpful website. Go there to find videos on how to use the tub. Watch as newborns, practically fall asleep in the tub, they are so comfy.

You can read other reviews, learn more about the Spa Baby Tub, and even check out the gallery filled with cute little bathing faces.

I can assure you, this tub will not be going anywhere.


What does the mom of a newborn have to add?

Several years ago we ditched our baby bath tub for a shower, which both of our older kids enjoyed much better until they were old enough to use a regular bath tub with assistance.  They were warmer and felt secure in our arms while in the shower, leading to much less crying during bath time.

Then we saw the Spa Baby Tub.  At first glance, its appearance resembled a big flower pot.  Obviously, the dimensions are completely different and much safer for baby, and it has a non-tip stable base and included bath mat.  And then hit me like one of those “duh” moments.  Why hadn’t we thought of this ourselves?

I didn’t want the customary sponge bath they give at the hospital for our soon-to-be-born newborn.  Instead, we wanted our newborn to feel warm, secure, cozy and in a “familiar place” – the womb –  so we resolved to take along our spa tub.  When he finally entered the world yesterday, we were able to convince the (curious) staff to use our tub.   Unfortunately, though our baby was very warm and relaxed, the tub had to be placed under the baby warmer, per hospital policy, and was much too high for the nurse to feel comfortable using it.  I can’t wait to use it again!

The only con I see is in keeping the baby warm while doing the “back side,” as you have to take the baby out of the water to do so.  But then again, those conventional lie down bathtubs aren’t very good at keeping them warm anyway. Oh, and one warning, sometimes babies can get too relaxed when using this tub, meaning, thy might “use the bathroom!”

BUY IT!  The Spa Baby Tub (available in pure, lavender, sea green and eco) retails for $37.99 (or $42.99 for an Eco tub).

WIN!  A Spa Baby Tub of your choice for TWO winners!


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    This would be great for our baby due in February. Thanks for the giveaway!

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