The Joy of Christmas Giveaway: NEW Oreck Magnesium

Welcome to A Nation of Moms’ Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway Event! First in our Joy of Christmas Giveaway Event, is…

What’s powerful, lightweight and pretty awesome looking?  The BRAND NEW, not-even-on-the-market-yet Oreck Magnesium!


As you may know, vacuum cleaners need a powerful motor and airflow to suction and carry away dirt to effectively clean carpets.  The high performance Magnesium has both.  At an airflow of 102 mph (!), this little beauty is extremely mighty.  The ultra RPM motor on the Magnesium spins the rollerbrush at an astounding 7,000 RPM’s!  But don’t worry, if something gets accidentally sucked in that’s not supposed to, the Endurolife™ Belt will protect the motor by shutting down the unit.  To get it going again, simply unplug and and restart.


Weighing in at less than 8 pounds, the durable magnesium-frame vacuum cleaner is not only the lightest Oreck upright ever, but it’s also less than all of my children at birth.  Now that’s light!


The large wheels make it much easier to push and maneuver even through the deepest pile carpets, while the twin LED lights make cleaning under beds, furniture and dark corners a simple task.

The Magnesium also features a 30-foot cord, so you can keep cleaning longer and faster without having to stop to change outlets.  Now that’s efficient!

With an odor-fighting, 8-quart capacity HEPA inner bag, the Magnesium captures and retains many of the allergens (pollen, mold, dust and animal dander) that other vacuums leave behind (at least 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns).  There is also a new Saniseal Docking system to make changing that inner bag effortless.

The two speed Quickswitch allows for a higher speed for carpets and a lower speed for gentler cleaning (like oriental rugs).


Did you check out the handle?  I’d be willing to bet that the handle is ergonomic and much easier to use.


Leave it to Oreck to have the long warranties.  The Magnesium comes with a 7-year limited warranty and, of course, three free annual tune-ups.

So let’s add that all up:  Strength, agility and endurance all in one little vacuum.

(Stay tuned next month for the full review of this mighty vacuum cleaner.)

BUY IT!  Be one of the very first to own this new vacuum from Oreck.  It releases for purchase on November 17th for the suggested price of $499.  And with Oreck’s Veteran’s Day Sale, you can save 15% on the Magnesium until the 20th  (up to 20% on other Oreck items) by using the code “SALUTE2011“.

OR you can WIN one right here on A Nation of Moms!


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  1. 251
    Gretchen Gerth says:

    I would love to win this, I found you through The Lucky Ladybug!

  2. 252
    Mark Duffey says:

    This would be nice.

  3. 253

    With family and pets all over this time of year, this would be really nice. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. 254

    I need a new Oreck! I have a very old Oreck that still works great but would love a new Magnesium. I could then give my mom my original Oreck which would be perfect for her since it is so lightweight.


  5. 255
    Angela Cisco says:

    This would be nice to keep upstairs. I hate having to lug the big old one up here.

  6. 256

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  7. 257

    oh wow I would love this!!

  8. 258

    Oh how I would love to win this amazing vacuum! :)

  9. 259

    I would love love love to win this for Christmas!!

  10. 260

    With 5 kids I need a good vacuum!

  11. 261

    Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

  12. 262

    I could really use a new one my old one no longer works very well

  13. 263

    This would be great because I have a dog who sheds a lot.

  14. 264
    Kathleen Conner says:

    I’d love to win this

  15. 265
    Penny Kathleen says:

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  16. 266
    Mike Kerns says:

    I can;t sleep, but I could be sweeping if I won this

  17. 267
    Gerri Bolen says:

    I could use this as I have 3 foster babies so theres always something on my floor and my vacuum is in bad shape. I do love your blog too :)

  18. 268
    Gaines Simmons says:

    Hello, how are you? thank you for this great opportunity. We get a lot of traffic on our carpets during this time of season. Our driving entrance and road is not paved, so a lot of dirt gets tracked in. Our old vacuum cleaner is almost kaput. We could really benefit from the Oreck.

    I am following, liking, joining and subscribing.

  19. 269

    With 5 dogs & a new rescue pup I NEED this!

  20. 270

    We’re expecting our first big snowstorm tonight. Really thinking about calling in sick :)

  21. 271

    This would be easy for even m dad to operate

  22. 272

    Oreck make a great product

  23. 273
    Amy Carlson says:

    I am in dire need of a new vacuum!!

  24. 274

    I would love to win this to replace my pitiful little vacuum.

  25. 275

    I really need a new vacuum

    Thank you for the great giveaway – (emscout9)

  26. 276

    8-qt capacity HEPA odor-fighting inner bag that capture & retains many allergens

  27. 277

    We could really use a good vacuum, we are always killing the cheaper ones.

  28. 278

    It can lay virtually flat to vacuum under furniture.

  29. 279
    Jessica Knapp says:

    What a great gift!

  30. 280
    Amy DeLong says:

    I have 3 kids and 3 dogs i could really use this

  31. 281
    John Billiris says:

    Thanks for the contest!

  32. 282
    John Billiris says:

    I learned it’s the lightest upright in America

  33. 283
    Bobbi Kilbarger says:


  34. 284

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. 285
    Becky Horn says:

    We just moved this month and my daughter broke part of my vacuum I could really use this.

  36. 286
    Susan Smith says:

    My vacuum is so old I’d love to win this.

  37. 287
    Debra Hinson Sauvageau says:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG..wink wink…I need this vacuum..hint hint & Have a BLESSED DAY! :)

  38. 288
    Debra Hinson Sauvageau says:

    I learned it was 2 speed and lays virtually flat

  39. 289
    Michelle Spayde says:

    LOVE your blog! :-) I would love to win this! I hate, Hate, HATE ours!!!

  40. 290
    Michelle Spayde says:

    I learned that it weighs approximately 7.7 pounds.

  41. 291

    This would be a blessing at my house

  42. 292

    8-qt capacity HEPA odor-fighting inner bag that capture & retains many allergens

  43. 293

    I would love to have a vacuum that really sucks!

  44. 294

    That thing looks so light! I’d love to glide around my house with it! :)

  45. 295

    i could really use this product

  46. 296
    Tammy Greer says:

    I really need a new vacuum. Mine has seen its last leg.
    LuckyTJG at cs dot com

  47. 297

    Thanks for the giveaway…our vacuum is dying !!!

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  48. 298

    Never mind that the electric was out from a storm, it snoooooowed, hurrah! we love the first snow of the year!!


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