Merry Fluffy Sponsor Spotlight: Rockin’ Green Soap (**Extra BONUS Entries**)

We’re continuing our “Merry Fluffy Christmas” sponsor spotlights and sneak peeks at our prizes in our “fluffy” prize package offered during December’s event!  Remember, ONE winner takes ALL the prizes you will see in these forthcoming sponsor spotlight posts.

Currently valued at almost $400!

****Rockin’ Green Soap**** 

Are you battling the ammonia stink week after week?  Does your baby’s bottom keep breaking out?  Are you wondering what’s wrong with your washing machine?  Or do you just simply want to change things up a bit in your wash?

As a front-loading HE washing machine owner with hard water, I know how hard that battle can be.  Rockin’ Green is the only non-foaming cloth diaper detergent I know that not only works every time with fewer rinses, but is also perfect for even sensitive skin.  It is free of dyes, enzymes, optical brighteners, and phosphates!

Why does it work so well?  Well, it’s Kim’s “magic potion” in three rockin’ formulas to compensate for your type of water, so you can properly wash your diapers!

  1. Classic Rock
  2. Hard Rock (for hard water)
  3. Soft Rock (for soft water or sensitive skin)

If you don’t know what type of water you have, you can take a look at this map below or purchase water quality test strips.

Try  their legendary detergents in these fun unscented and scented (natural fragrances) versions:

  • Smashing Watermelons
  • Rage Against the Raspberries
  • Earth, Wind and Orchids
  • Motley Clean
  • Lavender Mint Revival
  • Bare Naked Babies (unscented)

Rockin’ Green also sells Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer, a magnetic laundry scoop, a pail freshener, a diaper sprayer, and rockin’ t-shirts, totes and stickers!

So what is Rockin’ Green generously contributing to our Fluffy Stash package that is now almost $400 in “fluffy” goodness? A 90/180 size bag of detergent in your choice of formula and scent (valued at approximately $29)!

Here are the EXTRA ENTRY opportunities that will be available at the end of each Merry Fluffy Christmas sponsor post.  Do any or all of the following, leave a comment right here and I will transfer over those comments into the giveaway package on the day of the event!

  1. Follow Rockin’ Green on Twitter  AND Tweet the following: #WIN @RockinGreenSoap from @ANationOfMoms during #FluffyXmas #Giveaway Dec 1st! #clothdiapers (You may tweet daily for 1 extra entry per day)
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