Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth! (Charlie Banana)

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Currently valued at almost $400!


Charlie Banana® was created out of a love for eco-friendliness, quality, and design. Their aim was to design products that anyone would feel confident using on themselves and on their babies, and that they would recommend to their friends.  Making its way all the way from hong Kong, the Charlie Banana diaper has only recently made its debut in the United States.  A great feature of this brand is its availability in various markets, including

Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth” diaper!  What a great visual concept….I wish I could have let my son run around the mall in just his diaper so that everyone could read his bottom!

The “Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth” limited edition diaper was released to help promote the use of cloth diapers among the population of moms who have never tried cloth.  The goal of Charlie Banana is simply to convert 50% of moms to the trend of cloth diapering, which is a healthier and eco-friendly way of diapering your child.

In keeping with their well-versed philosophy stated above, I must agree on all points, as the diaper is extremely well constructed.  You can actually feel it in the quality of the material, both in the shell and in the cotton soaker insert.  The level of quality is only a perfect reflection of their views in creating an eco-friendly diaper for our children.

What makes them so special?

Charlie Banana® One Size or Size diapers are a 2 in 1 system. This means you can use reusable (washable) inserts or disposable inserts. A diaper with options! We recommend you stuff the inside with reusable inserts whenever possible, but there are times when you need to be able to use disposables: While traveling, dropping your kid to someone that might be inexperienced with cloth diapers, or any occasion when a disposable might be needed.

Sized versus One Size?

Some mothers prefer the Sized Diapers, as no adjustments are needed and they always give a perfect fit.Nappies This is especially true for the Small size diapers. Many babies are light weight upon arrival, and it is harder to fit a One Size as snugly as a Small Size on an underweight baby.

Our recommendation? Get a couple of each size, as you will use them anyway.  After seeing which you prefer, add more of your favorite style and color as you wish. They are both great diapers, but just remember that every baby is different and it is really a personal preference.

My Thoughts:
I was so excited to review the Charlie Banana “Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth” pocket diaper, as I had not yet tried the Charlie Banana brand AND I loved how cute the diaper was!  I was extremely pleased with the effectiveness of the diaper in comparison to other brands of cloth diapers that I have used in the past.
Though I truly love this diaper, the only “complaint” I had was that the small that I ordered to fit my 9 week old swallowed her whole and better fit my tall and thin 25-pound son.  I must also admit that the front opening for an insert (constructed for the use of the disposable inserts) was a little awkward compared to the customary rear opening for reusable inserts.  However, other than the sizing discrepancy and the initial awkwardness in the opening, the diaper (after taking proper care in washing and drying to increase its absorbency), was great and comes with my highest recommendation.
Here are a few reasons why I would recommend the Charlie Banana cloth diaper:
  1. The elastic around the thighs stays tight and secure.  Noah has thin little legs and so we have that issue every now and again, but  I had no problem with leaking while he was running around the house.
  2. Great absorbency. Noah is at the age where he is urinating quite a bit when he sleeps, so we added an additional liner  and had no leak issues while he slept.
  3. The snap front wings have become somewhat of a must for me.  I used to love the ease and convenience of velcro, until using them multiple times and wearing them out.  I actually have converted 90% of my velcro diapers into snap front closures.
  4. Visual appeal.  As aforementioned, I love the statement on the back of the diaper – cute, inventive and so true!
  5. The Charlie Banana line is 100% organic cotton!  This is a huge deal, as cotton is currently one of the “dirtiest” and most pesticide-ridden crops in the United States.  The use of 100% organic cotton eliminates the worry of pesticide transference into the skin of our little ones!
Finally, Charlie Banana is a company with a philanthropic heart.  Charlie Banana® proudly supports Operation Smile, an international medical charity that provides free reconstructive surgeries to children suffering from cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities. One surgery costs as little as $240.00 USD, and Charlie Banana® will donate 1% of all sales worldwide towards this effort. By purchasing Charlie Banana® products, you can help change a child’s life. (You can also make a direct donation.)

Make sure to visit the Charlie Banana website to see all of the other great diapers and diaper accessories that the company has to offer, such as their 2-in-1 swim diaper and training pant, feminine cloths, reusable cloth wipes, hanging diaper pail and more!

Follow Charlie Banana on Facebook and Twitter to learn about the latest and greatest products!

So what is Charlie Banana generously contributing to our Fluffy Stash package that is now almost $400 in “fluffy” goodness? A “Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth” Diaper! (valued at approximately $20)

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