BabyGiraffe Review

As a mom of 2, and as any mom would know, we never have enough hands and arms to function at the level that we would all like!  One baby is crying, while the toddler reaches up to you yelling “Mommy Mommy” – wanting you to hold him.

This dilemma only makes me appreciate those products that help to alleviate this anxiety and stress.

Our newest little one is just over 3 months old now and has always been a difficult baby.  Fighting colic and acid reflux until she was 9 weeks old and then an array of sleepless nights, Amelia is still the child that hates being laid down, her car seat and the car!  How frustrating.

In recent weeks, I was introduced to a new product called BabyGiraffe.  The BabyGiraffe is the latest, must-have parenting companion that comes with multiple, easily detachable accessories to help engage – and care for – babies of all ages.  This product has come in great use in our household, allowing me to lay Amelia down as she entertains herself….even if for short spurts of time.

Like its namesake, BabyGiraffe offers a strong, yet fully flexible spine complete with a sturdy clamp that attaches to almost any stroller, car seat, high chair or crib – making it the ideal, all-in-one babycare product for both at home and on the go. When they say sturdy – they mean it!  This clamp took two hands to open enough to clamp on the side of Amelia’s crib, which is reassuring to me, knowing that Noah can’t come behind me and take it down.

BabyGiraffe has three attachment options:

The Safety Mirror was my favorite attachment option.  Amelia would just look into the mirror and talk to herself!  It was so darn cute – Here is a cute video of  Amelia enjoying the Safety Mirror attachment:


The BabyGiraffe Safety Mirror:

  • Helps you monitor baby while he sees the world!
  • Allows you to see outward-facing baby in stroller.
  • Comforts baby to be able to see you as well
  • Allows inward-facing baby to see the world ahead.
  • Convex shape provides panoramic view.
  • Lets you see foot and other traffic coming from behind.
  • Self-reflection keeps baby engaged.
  • Made of durable, yet lightweight safety plastic.

The Bottle Holder served the least use to me.  As we breastfeed most of the time, we rarely use bottles.  Even so, if we did, Amelia is way too young to manage the bottle being held by a mobile arm.

The BabyGiraffe bottle holder:

  • Assists with feeding in the most natural position!
  • Fits all bottle sizes and shapes
  • Allows baby to naturally move in every direction while feeding.
  • Holds bottle at doctor-recommended feeding angle.
  • Allows baby to sit or recline.
  • Follows baby’s own head motion, then returns to correct position.
  • Allows baby to easily latch onto and off bottle nipple.
  • Teaches baby to start holding bottle on her own.
  • Prevents tip-overs and dropped bottles.

Note: Do not leave baby alone while using Bottle Holder.

The final attachment, the toy loop, was great!  This was my second favorite attachment. The toy loop allowed me to manipulate the point of the toy by bending the bendable arm to an optimal position.  The loop was able to accommodate all of the toys of Amelia’s that I tested.

The BabyGiraffe Toy Loop keeps babies visually stimulated, learning and engaged!

  • Holds all types of hanging toys or mobiles, even with a motor.
  • Can position toys anywhere, not just in front of baby’s face.
  • Easy to move when lifting baby in and out of crib, stroller or car seat.
  • Promotes visual stimulation and hand-eye coordination.
  • Prevents lost toys.

I truly LOVED the BabyGiraffe flexible spine!  This nifty contraption kept the attention of a baby that takes quite a bit to be entertained.  The spine bends in a multitude of positions and angles and served us so well. I also like that the spine is covered in a soft velour sheath to protect little reaching hands.

Some of the other great features of the BabyGiraffe bendable spine are:

  • Attaches securely to almost any stroller, car seat, high chair, bassinet or crib.
  • Can be positioned in any direction.
  •  Compact and portable; easily fits into diaper bag.
  •  Lightweight yet durable; made strong to last.
  •  Super-soft, easy-to-clean cover.
  • Adheres to strictest safety standards.
  • CPSIA tested and compliant.

What a great gift this would be for a new mom, a mom-to-be or a close friend that has everything.

Make sure to take a moment to visit the BabyGiraffe website to view and purchase your own BabyGiraffe bendable spine and to see the great accessories that are available for this product.  I am super excited to see the new sun shade accessory attachment that is coming soon!

BUY IT! The BabyGiraffe kit retails for $24.95 and includes the BabyGiraffe clamp and spine, one baby bottle holder, two toy loops and one safety mirror.

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