WordPress For Beginners: Themes, Templates, Settings and Users

In continuing our WordPress for Beginners series, we will be discussing how to install a theme, what templates are and how you can use them to your advantage, general settings and adding users to your blog.

Finding, Installing and/or Changing Themes on WordPress

There are about as many theme choices out there (both paid and free) as there are grains of sand it seems.  I briefly started out with the very customizable and popular Atahualpa, a free theme offered by WordPress, but quickly changed to a paid theme from Studio Press called Genesis.  So the choice is really yours to make, based on what you are willing to spend (if any) and what you want to do with your blog.  You can change themes as often as you change clothes, though I wouldn’t recommend it.

In the video below, I discuss how to find a theme, download it, and activate it:

Templates and Users

Under what circumstances would you need a template?  Well, I’m sure you can think of your own, but one very good one is:

You have several different types of posts you do on a repeated basis (perhaps a giveaway, weekly meme, etc.), and you hate having to copy and paste the same format each time.  A template gives you the ease of just having that format or template ready to go every time, making your life simpler!

To set up and use a template, you will need a WordPress plug-in called “Article Templates.”

Do you have the need to have more than one authorized user (such as authors, contributors, administrators) on your WordPress blog?  Would you like to limit their access and even customize it to your liking?  Then the WordPress plug-inMembers” would be perfect for you.

Watch this video for more information on both users and templates:

Changing your General Settings

I am putting this video out there in case you are brand new to WordPress and have not yet changed the default settings on your blog (the blog title, tagline) and then some general (but important) reading and discussion settings.


Unless there are more questions on a particular topic, the last two topics we will be discussing in this series is how to make a simple blog button and minor HTML tweaking assistance.

Topics we’ve covered in this series:

Please email us or use the comment section for any questions or suggestions on topics you’d like to see covered.  If you need migrating or designing assistance, please contact CreativeBlogMe or if you need hosting services, I recommend Just Host.

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