Tutorial Series: WordPress for Beginners – Pages, Menus and Widgets

If you’re a complete beginner on the WordPress platform and you need some help, you’ve come to the right place.  We’re in the middle of our WordPress for Beginners series, and we will be touching on the subject of pages, drop down menus and widgets for your blog’s sidebar.

These are the other topics we’ve discussed thus far:

Setting your pages, drop down menu and your sidebar widgets will largely depend on your theme.  Hopefully, your theme has that built-in, so that you don’t have to use hard code.  Most themes, both free and paid, have something already.  it’s just a matter of figuring it out and tweaking this tutorial a bit to fit your theme.

Here’s how to add a page to your blog, using drop down menus and having a page point to particular url:


Sidebar Widgets

Nowadays setting up your sidebar is as easy as dragging an item over to the section in which you want it.  Most popular themes have at least one sidebar that you can add things to and configure to your personal liking in this easy way (meaning, without having to manipulate codes).  One tip is try to keep your WordPress version updated to make sure you get the most out of WordPress.

If you look on your dashboard under “Widgets”, you will notice 2 categories: Available Widgets and Inactive Widgets.  The widgets which will be avaiable to you will be dependent upon your theme.  Inactive widgets, as explained in the video below are widgets that you’ve already set-up and you wish to disable but want to keep them around for future use or reference.

Be careful when adding widgets (and this goes for plugins as well).  Some widgets can slow down your site considerably.  I used to have a really cool dynamic widget that circulated through a bunch of links and photos, but it used up too much of my site’s resources.  Because of it, my site took too long to load, so I got rid of it.

Note: Plugins can also interfere with other elements on your blog and cause it to go haywire. That’s why you need to be very conservative about which ones to include.  And sure enough, if your site starts acting strange, suspect the new plugin.  Make sure to delete inactive plugins.  They, too, can cause loading delays even when inactive.



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