There’s precious few things that make me twitch more than allowing my child to have full, unadulterated access to the internet. Even a YouTube playlist that is tailored just for him isn’t even safe with the people putting up things masquerading as kids’ videos. What’s a person to do when you want to teach technlogical literacy and independence, but worry about what your child can find?

Enter Fooz Kids !

This is an appfor your computer that makes it safe for your children to surf alone or with you.

It lives on your desktop and contains all sorts of kid friendly videos, shows and games.

Once in the program, the navigation is wonderfully easy.

To test this, I set Isaac to working with it on my laptop. He’s really a very beginning reader with fine motor issues.  Not even a few minutes later, I saw him navigate to the video tab and start watching Scooby Doo! He was beyond thrilled. He was watching a full episode, not just a clip! It was wonderful. So, I went and did what I needed to around the house and prayed he didn’t try to close out the program. Wait. Why would he? It’s Scooby?

Well, being the ADHD child he is, he went and tried to move on to something else, and he hit the red x.

That’s when one of my favorite features showed up.

When the close button is clicked, a parent needs to enter their password information to get the app to close! This means great things:  It keeps your desktop safe while fostering independence on the computer. It allows a child to be in a safe space, explore and do without going where they aren’t supposed to go and ruining the computer.

The next awesome feature of this app is the educational games.

There are timed games and competitive games. Isaac had a lot of fun playing the math games at his level (2nd grade) and he got instant feedback. That was really great for him, as he knew immediately if his answer was right or wrong and he didn’t have to wait. It kept him interested and going for a good 20 minutes while I did a few other things.

Again, I didn’t have to worry about walking away, because I knew he couldn’t get out of the app itself and go where he wasn’t supposed to go. It was an amazing feeling.

Having kids learn how to appropriately send emails is a big deal. Fooz has a section of the app for that. Kids can write emails and send them to trusted recipients that are all parent controlled. Isaac really loved sending his teacher an email that was decorated with stickers, a background and all of his spelling words.

It was so nice to have him do his homework in this way and then at the same time learn how to use email! Yay! Two birds with one stone!

My favorite part of the app by far is the books. There are tons of books that the kids can read or they can have read to them.  They are engaging, fun and again, easy to navigate.

I know, I keep coming back to the navigation aspect, but for me, that’s completely important. Fooz Kids allows kids to be completely independent on the computer, working on fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and tracking. All very important skills that kids need to acquire at a young age so that they can move faster into the digital world.

Then, there is the parental control aspect.

From the minute you log in, there is the parental dashboard.  You can see everything your child has done as well as how long they were on (if you’ve walked out of the room).  You can also control all of the videos, games and interactions on this dashboard, so it is a completely parent controlled environment for your child.

So, sound like something you want to try?

Fooz Kids is giving all A Nation of Moms readers the Basic App (an $11.99 value) for FREE!  Click here to download it.


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