WordPress for Beginners Tutorial: Posts (Part 1)

In my introductory post on this beginner’s WordPress tutorial series, I told you that the next topic would be on publishing your posts.  And it is, but I had to divide it into two parts because it was getting rather long.  Let’s skip ahead for a bit and assume you have everything set up on your blog- everything is migrated from Blogger (if applicable), you have a chosen theme and everything is functioning.  Now you want to write a post and need a bit of help.

In this particular segment, I have three (longish) videos available for you.  In the first video, I will show you how you can add a new post and some features like editing the slug, using some of the formatting options an so forth.  The second video is just a short continuation of the first.  In the last video, I focus on adding media to your posts.


Again, I will encourage you to ask questions by email or in the comments, or to suggest a topic of interest you’d like further explained.  And I will also recommend the services of CreativeBlogMe if you need to migrate into WP from Blogger and Just Host if you need host services.
In the next installment of this series are categories, tags and hyperlinks…


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