Sound Beginnings **GIVEAWAY** (3 WINNERS)

When you were pregnant, did you put a speaker up to your belly so your baby could hear the music?  I put my cell phone on my belly once and~ no lie~ #3 kicked it right off.  I’ll never forget that.

I wish I had had a Sound Beginnings when I was pregnant with her.  I think she would have loved it!

Sound Beginnings was started by a Mom and Dad team that knew women wanted a way to share with their unborn without being tied down.

Sound Beginnings is a soft fabric band with built-in high quality speakers that allows pregnant women to play music in the womb.

What a neat idea!  It really is as simple as it sounds.


The band, a soft and stretchy material, slips over your head and onto your belly…

You hook up your MP3 player to the cord in the pouch, then go about your day as usual.

Here is the informational video they made:

As you can see on the video, your music isn’t the only thing that you can play for your incubating baby.  You can also send them messages from loved ones!  Is Daddy deployed?  Does GrandMa live a few states away?  Well, they still want to be able to talk to your baby!

Your Sound Beginnings belt comes with a code for their Sound Delivery side of the company.  This allows other to leave messages for your baby!  It’s super easy…they call an 800 number, type in your one-of-a-kind code and then leave their message.

It’s just as easy for you to download it, too!  There are instructions for any format that you may need.

I had a friend of mine call and leave a message.  She said it was easy to do and I discovered that it was easy to find the message on the site.  As mentioned above, downloading was a snap!  Check out the crystal-clear quality by clicking the link below.

Click HERE to hear!

Once you have all the music and messages downloaded to your player, don’t worry that it gets complicated~ it only gets easier from here.  Simply plug the player into the cord provided and tuck it in the pouch.  Done!

The speakers are strategically placed to deliver the most sound to your little one.  And, they can only go up to a certain level so you don’t have to worry about hurting baby with music that’s too loud.  That’s a great safety feature!  Plus, there is a headphone splitter so you can share baby’s music as you go about your day.  I love that!  It’s a great way to bond!

Cleaning has to be hard, right?  I mean, all the speakers and wires have to be threaded out and then put back after the band is dry, right?  NOPE!!  Just throw it in the washer as-is and air dry.  Plus, it comes with a 1 year warranty!

I know so many pregnant women that would have loved to have this during their past pregnancies.  (And I am one of them!)  I could have used it when I was working to keep #3 awake.  Then she would have slept when I was trying to sleep!

Personally, I hate things that I have to pull over my head.  I would have preferred a velcro closure.  However, this is by design, not flaw.  During the design phase, feedback showed that women did not want velcro or snaps or hooks of any kind.  Honestly, that was the only “fault” I found with this product!

This belt is a winning product and a great gift idea!  Don’t wait until the shower, though!  Get that special Mom-to-be you know the Sound Beginnings belt now!

BUY IT!  Sound Beginnings is available at Amazon and several other retailers nationwide for around $50.

WIN! THREE readers will win a Sound Beginnings belt with 60 minutes of Sound Delivery Service – one from each of these countries: US, Canada, and UK!

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    Nicola Powell says:

    I love this idea! Such a convenient way to share calming tunes with your unborn child. At the moment I have to make do with putting the speaker of the iPod to my stomach :( Innovative idea! 10 out of 10

    Best of Luck!
    Nicola (UK)

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    From the USA…thank you for the great giveaway – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

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    USA, awesome giveaway!!

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    Brittany Boda says:

    I am from the United States but currently in Germany because my husband is in the military.

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    Latosha briggs says:

    I am from the US. I love the idea of this! Hopefully I am luck enough to win! Good luck everyone! Crossing my fingers!

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    Always wanted one of these!

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    Wow – this is awesome – would be a good gift.

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    Wow I would love to hear a tiny heartbeat when I want with out going to the doctors.

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