Need a Media Kit or Quick Sheet?

I have had numerous email requests to see our Media Kit and Quick Sheet and where we got them done.  To to tell you the truth I did it myself.

What is a Media Kit?  Generally speaking in blog terms, a Media Kit is a multi-paginated, all-encompassing collection of your blog’s statistics and specific demographics.  It will highlight your blog’s main purpose, its unique features, any legitimate awards and partnerships you may have won or acquired along the way, your affiliations with brands, and may have information on your advertising options (though I highly recommend that the prices be kept on a separate price sheet).  Another item you may see on a Media Kit is a buzz file (a collection of comments from your readers, other blogs and those representatives that have worked with you in the past).  Again, Media Kits can vary widely, but it is mostly meant to showcase your blog’s greatest assets and to increase the awareness of the validity of your blog’s influence.

What is a Quick Sheet?  A Quick Sheet is a single-paged summary of the more elaborate Media Kit.

After thinking about it for a while (OK, in reality it only took me a few minutes), I decided that I will offer my services to those of you who would like help in compiling a Quick Sheet and Media Kit of your own.  (You will need to supply me with your specific stats, any photos you’d like to use, your logo image and background – of course I can help you with all of it. I can also supply you with up to 5 stock photos for your kit.)


  • Quick Sheet $15
  • Media Kit $25
  • Both $35

Where do I obtain statistical and demographical information for my blog?  Unfortunately, there is no simple answer for this one, nor is it instantaneous unless you have been tracking it for a while.  There are various programs out there you can use, but the most widely used and fairly reliable programs that I have found (once you actually get your site quantified, that is) are Quantcast, Site Meter, StatCounter, Google Analytics and your own host server‘s program (if you are self-hosted).

Keep in mind that several free programs don’t specifically measure your day to day stats with an embedded code of some type.  If there is no tangible way of quantifying your specific stats (like the embedded code or widget), the numbers presented on that particular program are inaccurate.  They are estimated and can be highly skewed one way or the other, but it may reflect correct trends (not the actual numbers).  Examples of this are Compete and the (unfortunately) very widely relied-upon (by brands) Alexa.  You can Google about Alexa’s unreliability and why it is mostly geared toward tech-based websites who know about and use the Alexa toolbar feature.  I quickly googled it and found many sites talking about this very subject.  Here a just handful of articles, though I can’t vouch for any of the articles’ validity:


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    I really dislike that companies use compete. At any given time, it’s off by a good 50%!

  2. 2

    I know. It frustrates me that many companies just don’t know what to use or think that everyone uses the same particular program. A lot of times I must provide a snapshot of the actual numbers because they rely on the wrong website for their info. Many of the blog popularity sites (like Blog Rank) use Compete, which is one reason we try to steer clear of those sites. I have checked ANOM on Compete a couple of times and the only times I have, the numbers have not even been close. Not even a ballpark figure. Even the trend was wrong. For instance, it said that we had three times as many visitors in June as we did in August and May was our slowest month, when in actuality June was our slowest month and August has been our biggest month this year by far. I am always puzzled at how those numbers are calculated sometimes.

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    I would like to purchase a quick sheet how do I do this?

  4. 4

    I also am interested in purchasing both a media kit and quick sheet. Are you still doing this? Thanks!


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