Meet Bargain Jill: Your New Personal Bargain Shopper

I used to love shopping, until I became a mom.  Shopping changed from a stress-reliever and hobby into a time and money strain.  Austin-native, mommy, and shopaholic Sharon DeVries wanted to make the holistic mommy shopping experience—shopping not just for clothes but also for the home and the kids—easy and inexpensive.  She created Bargain Jill as a “personal shopper” for mommies hoping to find rock-bottom deals on items for themselves, their homes, and their kids.  Jill compiles deals, coupons, and storewide sales from across the web and displays them in a user-friendly format.

While I could rant about how great Jill is all day, I will instead show you how much Jill can get you for a price: $50.  I’ve created three virtual shopping trips–$50 for mom, $50 for the home, and $50 for the kids—to show you just how much $50 can buy you with your new personal bargain shopper.

First, $50 for mom.  I chose the exercise tights because all fitness mommies know that finding deals on quality fitness clothes, especially quality winter fitness clothes, can be hard.  Jill however found these fabulous tights for just under $35. I also threw in a discounted bottle of Pinot Noir to spoil all you wine-y moms out there and to show that Jill seeks to find any and all deals for moms out there.  Now onto $50 for the home.

Shopping for home and garden deals can be really hard, but with Jill, mommies can revamp their bathrooms with an inexpensive set of quality towels, their kitchens with a new Kenmore toaster, and any room with a set of curtains from Boscov’s for only $10. I thought I’d be able to spend just $50 on my home, especially for so many items. Finally, on to the kids:

This section is our real home-run.  Jill has found a Motorola Baby Monitor (with temperature, two-way communication, night lite, and soothing sounds) for just $40 and two fun water toys perfect for the end of the summer for just $10.

Who said that $50 can’t buy you anything nowadays?  Check out Bargain Jill to see for yourself a plethora of bargains designed just for you.  She also has a Twitter, RSS, and Newsletter, so you can have these bargains delivered to you as they appear.  This is a site any shopping mom doesn’t want to miss.

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