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If you have a child you suspect or are sure has a learning disability of some kind, I would encourage you to check out Learning Link Technologies.  This website is full of amazing, helpful resources and services.  The public school systems struggle to keep up with the demands of meeting the needs of each individual child.  This is not a criticism, only an observation.  As a parent, it is hard to watch a child struggle and not know what to do to help them.  Learning Link Technologies offers answers and solutions for parents.

Here is what Learning Link has to say about how they began:

Learning Link Technologies was founded by Lisa Harp, an educator, certified teacher, learning disability specialist, and educational therapist for over twenty years.

After observing how difficult school can be for students with learning problems, Lisa began independently researching learning disabilities and how to effectively treat them. She also received training in vision therapy and brain integration therapy.

Lisa has brought this knowledge and experience to Learning Link Technologies by creating a system that has been proven to help struggling students. This system is now available to families through both book format and video format so that all students have the chance to succeed academically.

Learning Link Technologies provides a host of information, articles and research about learning disabilities.  Registration is required, but it is free.   A few examples are:

  • Learn Simple Things You Can Do to Make Learning Easier
  • Understand How to Make Homework Time Stress Free
  • Help Your Child Overcome Common Learning Difficulties
  • Avoid the 5 Mistakes that can Lead to Educational Disaster

They also offer two free, quick assessments that I found to be immensely helpful.  One is for dyscalculia testing, a learning disability involving the inability to understand the meaning of numbers and math.  Simply stated, it is dyslexia for math.  Dyslexia testing is the other free quick assessment – a neurological disorder that interferes with the acquisition of processing language, specifically in reading, writing, spelling, and handwriting.  Each assessment has to be printed out on paper and takes about 15 minutes to administer.  The website gives you information for interpreting the results and ideas about where to go and what to do with the information.

One of the most helpful things offered on the website, for me, was the definitions and treatment discussions for dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.  These are written so that “normal” people can understand both the disability and the treatment.

If you believe your child has any of these disabilities, Learning Link Technologies offers tools that can be used at home.  One is the Building Blocks of Learning Program available on DVD or delivered to you online.  It is a 12-month course that can be cancelled at anytime and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

I would like to tell you a little about “The Brain Training Course”.  It includes disability-specific resources, forums, and information, including specific ones for applicable news (research), brain retraining, autism, dyslexiadysgraphiadyscalculia, ADD and ADHD and other topics.  The Brain Training Course is based in Moodle and requires a separate login.  Once you have decided to use this program and paid your fee, you can log in and start to work with your child.  Each phase includes instructions for implementation, a video “walkthrough”, exercises, activities and other bits of helpful information.  It is fairly simple to implement, but needs to be part of each day’s routine.  Instructions and information are available with each phase, as not all phases are the same.

As a busy mom, a teacher and a therapist, I know the importance of investing in my children.  I think it is even more important when a child is struggling in school.  That is why I am encouraged with the progress that we are seeing while using this program.  And, I am not alone.  Other people have chimed in with their input.  (Scroll to the bottom of this page to see what other people have had to say.)

Here is where we are:  My nine-year-old girl is not reading.  From the beginning, she has been reversing letters and numbers.  As she began trying to read, she also reversed whole words and parts of words.  I was told not to panic because some kids go through a phase where this happens.  They eventually “figure it out”.  So, I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  We continued doing schooling, but did everything out loud instead of on paper.  We had her tested by a pediatric ophthalmologist who told us that her eyes were fine and he saw no reason for her to be having problems like this.  So, we waited some more.  In second grade, when it was still happening, we decided to try again.  We had her tested again and received the same report.  ARGH!  We took her to a physical therapist (to work on balance and coordination), an occupational therapist to work on eye/hand coordination and bilateral coordination as well as hand strength and activities that cross midline.  Finally, we added a speech/language therapist who worked specifically on reading.  During this time, our daughter learned to ride her bike without training wheels (at age 8.5), jump rope (she still struggles with this), and walk on balance beam without falling off.  These were all major accomplishments for her.  We also had her tested and discovered that she scores way beyond her years in intelligence.  She is incredibly intelligent, but she can not read.  What is a parent to do?  I was SO frustrated.  I am still frustrated.  Our daughter does not like being in situations where everyone else can read and fights going into those kind of situations, such as Sunday school.  Adults are saying things about my parenting and/or teaching skills.  I am really tired of the criticism on top of all the frustration.

That is where Learning Link Technologies’ Brain Training Course comes in.  The techniques they recommend can easily be added to a daily routine.  They involve normal props, tools and/or supplies that most people have on hand or can easily find.  The instructions are easy to follow.  They even provide a video for help, if you need it.  The forums are available to talk to parents who have similar circumstances.  So far we have seen only a few, minor changes, but I know that nothing happens quickly with this child.  Our plan is to keep doing what we are doing Brain Training and continue to implement the familiar “wait and see” method that is so familiar to us!  We are hopeful that we will see changes soon!

If you think you might be in a similar situation, I would encourage you to check out Learning Link TechnologiesThere is so much helpful information available there for free.  Then, if you decide to try their courses, remember they have a 30-day, money back guarantee and you can cancel anytime.  We decided it was time to take matters into our own hands and start working on these things ourselves.  You can do it, too!



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