Have you Heard of LaMomba?

Have you heard of LaMomba, a brand new place where bloggers, PR firms and brands connect?  This growing Connectory officially launches this fall, however, you can sign up now for FREE! (If you do, please mention A Nation of Moms as your referral.)

Freebies for Newbies:

  • Free Sign Up
  • Every 25 referrals will get a month free (up till Launch date)
  • Bloggers – Get first 6 months free of BTM (effective after Launch date) – BTM is Blogger/Brand Tracking Management
  • Our Top 4 referrers by our launch date will receive an iTunes gift card AND
  • The person with the most referrals (over 50) will receive a year of BTM (SEE BELOW) for FREE!

Why do bloggers want LaMomba?

LaMomba is your directory, connection and introduction to brands that are looking for ambassadors, reviewers and their voice in the blogosphere – all in ONE place.  We call it the CONNECTORY.

Why do brands want LaMomba?

Brands are spending hundreds of hours searching for bloggers, on numerous sites and still not finding the right fits.  LaMomba will initially connect the brand to the blogger in under 2 minutes, by just answering 5 questions.

If I’m a blogger – do I have to pay for LaMomba?

NO.  LaMomba is an “opt-in” directory.  We want you to sign up.   It’s FREE.  Your first 6 months are FREE.  Our payment plan is not even scheduled to begin until next Spring.  There will be plenty of updates and LaMomba is NOT going to charge you for something that you can get FREE somewhere else.  We plan to offer you something that you can NOT get anywhere else and you don’t mind spending $4.97/quarterly – that really equals giving up less than 1 Starbucks every 3 months – TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!

If I am a Brand, do I have to pay?

YES.  But NOT yet!!!!  We are building our database.  Brands will begin their pay structure November 15th.  Looking for hot bloggers that have “room” on their calendar to fit them in and get some amazing Holiday numbers.

When will LaMomba be up and running?

Like all good things…..we want to do this right.  Working our tushies off to have our beta version up for testers and for feedback by 10/20/11.  Fully functional by 11/11/11.

The next phase of LaMomba:

Why do I need BTM?

Blogger/Brand Tracking Management (or BTM) will be your one stop spot to manage ALL Brand/Blogger interactions, calendar of reviews, contacts, expectations, giveaways, requirements, compensation and future collaborations.

When will we see the 2.0 version of the BTM?

Our planned BTM launch is Spring 2012.  This is what you have ALL been waiting for!!!!

Before the launch of the website, join their communities on Facebook and Twitter.


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