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**** KOLCRAFT****

I love a good stroller with great maneuverability (usually 3-wheelers are best at this) that feels lightweight.  However, I must admit that I am not and have never been an umbrella stroller type of mom.

For me, umbrella strollers do not have enough storage space for the prepare-for-all-occasion mom (especially for my currently growing family).  I like versatility in a stroller and in the seat (that can face forwards or backwards and recline for naps), and comfort (for both the child and the parent doing the pushing).

I need a sturdy frame and rugged wheels to get around large crowds rapidly and in unusual ways (routes) if needed – you know, the path less taken?  I also like cup holders, trays and a good canopy.  Oh, and it must accommodate infant through toddler years, much like a travel system but without all the fuss.  In other words I need amenities that I just don’t receive with a wimpy, flimsy umbrella stroller.  But I do like strollers that feel lighter than air and are easy to fold and unfold.

How can you get all of that in ONE stroller for a price that won’t break the bank?

Kolcraft’s Contours Options 3 Wheeler in Berkeley is a stylish, enviable, high-end stroller that stands out from the crowd and accommodates all of my (picky) wishes for only $169.99.  If you’ve done your homework on strollers, that’s just unheard of.

Weighing in at about 27 pounds, the Contours Options stroller is considered lightweight (though obviously not as lightweight as an umbrella stroller), even lighter than several travel systems.

Here are the glorious features:

  • 8” swiveling front wheel and 12” never-flat rear wheels – turn swiftly and easily and allows for a smoother ride (front wheel can also lock into in-line position)
  • Large, open storage basket where things don’t get stuck due to the height restrictions of most undercarriage baskets
  • Easily reversible seat with 3 reclining positions (90 degrees, 45 degrees, full recline)
  • Comfortable seat with removable plush infant headrest (accommodates a child up to 50 pounds)
  • Adjustable tilt footrest
  • Good-sized adjustable height canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Padded comfort-grip handlebar sits higher, creating less back strain for the parent – you can comfortably and effectively focus your energy on pushing the stroller instead of slightly bending over first)
  • Wide stroller base means no more accidentally stubbing your toes on the frame or wheels (This can also be a con in tight spaces, but since all of my strollers have wide bases, I’ve gotten accustomed to it.)
  • Great parent tray featuring 2 deep ventilated cup holders and a tray that you can use for keys, phone, wallet and anything I need to get to quickly (pacifiers?)
  • Removable ventilated child cup holder (great for spills)
  • Easy trigger allows for quick fold and upright stand – though I originally had trouble folding it. (I was so used to doing it a different way with my other strollers that I was resisting the fold rather than working with it at first.  I’ve since moved on and gotten accustomed to it and it’s very easy.)
  • Secure and easy to use foot brake bar (as opposed to single foot brakes on either side of the rear wheels)
  • Included infant car seat adapter accommodates most car seats (Note: you can use the stroller with an infant in the fully reclined position without the car seat and adapter)
  • Easy for the (older) child to get in and out by themselves


  • No snack tray
  • Wide wheel base (which for me is also a major plus)
  • Removable child cup – I like that the removable factor, but I wish there were some mechanism that would lock it into place so that it wouldn’t be easy for the child to reach down and remove (and subsequently toss) the cup holder when you’re not watching.
  • Comes completely unassembled – It’s not difficult to set up (according to my husband whom I recruited after a 5 minute trial) but the unassembled parts looked slightly overwhelming to an impatient mom like myself.

Here’s a quick video demo of the stroller:

You might have noticed that the Contours Options 3-Wheeler is extremely similar in features and appearance to the Britax B-Scene that was released at the end of last year (that we also reviewed here on A Nation of Moms!).  However, it is much easier to turn and steer than The B-Scene.  The only major differences between the two lie in the pattern (I think Kolcraft beats the Britax in the trendy department) and the handlebar.  Unfortunately, the Contours does not come with the height adjustability that the B-Scene does (which makes it easier for my young son to steer).  But seriously, I can’t complain because the price is less than half of the B-Scene!

Bottom line: If you want a chic but rugged, versatile, full-featured stroller without the hefty price tag, go for the Kolcraft Contours options 3 Wheeler!

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