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**** phil&teds**** 

Out of the enchanted land of New Zealand, (okay, I know that’s a highly opinionated statement, but I do really love NZ) comes a wonderful company made famous for their attractive, practical and high quality strollers for the active, on-the-go parent.

phil&teds has definitely “hit it out of the ballpark” with their award-winning, highly adaptable all-terrain explorer buggy with doubles kit.  All you need is one stroller system from birth to two toddlers, as it has 7 different configurations.  And all of it fast and easy with no tools required.

The explorer has a few impressive amenities that surprisingly were not advertised or listed on the website or manual.

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Extra large canopy with extra flip-out visor – It’s the best coverage I have seen in any stroller to date only made better by the fact that it has a follow-the-sun capability
  • Hidden pockets on either side of the canopy perfect for your wallet, cell phone or keys
  • Seat performance system – contoured, structured (more support) ventilated seat with a one-hand recline and quick-adjust harness
  • Multi-recline seat with a FULL recline for a newborn (usually strollers of this type cannot accommodate a newborn without a car seat attachment)
  • Smooth and fast recline while child is seated (no jerky motions means a sleeping child can remain sleeping peacefully)
  • Structured back support
  • A TRUE one-hand fold that is easy and fast
  • Large under carriage storage
  • 9 adjustable handlebar heights
  • Extremely easy to maneuver with one hand (but you will need 2 hands for 2 kids)
  • Not jogging stroller but you can easily jog with it
  • The 5-point harness is easy to fasten and unfasten but difficult for children to figure out
  • Doubles kit (sold separately) also has a canopy

Other great features:

  • Globally safety certified
  • Seatback is great for taller and/or older children and the canopy adjusts to give them more headroom
  • Easy to remove interchangeable seat liner (for washing or replacing the color)
  • Back seat driver safety certified, meaning you can safely have only one child in the rear seat (max weight is 33 lbs for back seat and 44 lbs for front seat)
  • Easy to clean hard plastic footwell for extra support
  • Air-filled 12-inch wheels
  • Swivel or in-line wheels
  • Safety strap
  • Removable bumper bar and wheels (bumper bar is not a swing-away type)

Watch our demo of this fabulous stroller:


Some of the fabulous accessories you can purchase separately:

  • Infant car seat adapter (securely designed for your specific car seat)
  • Peanut bassinet
  • Cocoon carrycot
  • Doubles kit with sunhood
  • Travel bag
  • Sun cover (single or double)
  • Rain cover (single or double)
  • And the doubles kit can convert into an infant bouncer with the lazyted attachment

Like all things, even with all the awesomeness of this stroller, there is always a bit of not-so-good:

  • It’s expensive.  Fortunately, unlike the majority of cheaper strollers, it will not only last but it will still be practical.  Because of its multiple configurations, you won’t be looking to get another stroller when baby #2 comes along.  We were fairly warned when our first child was born to invest a good, expensive stroller, and we did.   The only problem was our inability to foresee our upcoming needs of a double stroller, as the stroller we did buy was a single with no option for adding a second seat.  My advice to you is to invest in a stroller that will adapt like the explorer.
  • The cup holders and trays are sold separately.
  • Though it’s easy to do, if you don’t like airing up tubes, these wheels may not be for you.
  • When there is a rider in the back doubles kit, his or her feet are in the storage basket, compromising some of the storage space.
  • When using the doubles kit in the rear, both seats need to be upright. You also need to remove the rear seat in order to fold the stroller.
  • Doubles kit seat does not recline.
  • The front adapters for the doubles kit can easily get misplaced or lost.
  • There is no peek-a-boo window in the canopy, but you can very easily see the child anyway.
  • When the main seat is full reclined, there is an open space in the back, creating a need for a suncover or at least a blanket to shield the baby out of the sun.
  • With only the wheels, splashguards, canopy and bumper bar to assemble (which takes mere minutes to do), the explorer needs minimal assembly – a major plus.  However, there was no user manual included and the picture assembly guide was bit vague in parts.  I had a bit of trouble with it at first (specifically with the splash guard assembly) but I ended up using common sense to figure it out without the instructions anyway.  If you look online, the instructional video is much better when you need extra assistance.

The debate on tandem strollers still exists – is it better to have a double-wide or an in-line double stroller?

To tell you the truth, I have always been leery about the in-line tandem strollers.  I mean, I see the benefit in getting through the door or in tight spaces, BUT they have limited visibility for the poor toddler in the rear seat beneath the seat of the front child.

I have always thought what we could never be one of those families to own an in-line tandem because both of my children are so fussy about strollers and about being able to see their surroundings.  HOWEVER, despite my thoughts on the matter, both of my children didn’t seem to mind phil&teds explorer buggy with a double kit.  In fact, my son argued to sit in that “special seat.” Thanks to phil&teds, it’s nice to know that I don’t have to have a double-wide if I so choose.

But phil&teds has more than just strollers.  Check out their carriers and bags, feeding products and sleeping options.  Be sure to visit their outlet store for the best deals.  And if you have a pre-loved phil&teds stroller sitting in your garage, consider donating it to those in need via their buggies for good program.

BUY!  A phil&teds explorer buggy for $499.99 and a doubles kit for $99.99 online at phil&teds or buy one with the doubles kit on Amazon for $598.99 with FREE shipping.

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