BlogMania Sponsor Spotlight: BOON’s Extraordinary Nightlight (**Extra BONUS Entries**)

Introducing our next BlogMania sponsor spotlight and your chance to take a sneak peek at one more of the prizes in our spectacular prize package offered during October’s event!

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**** BOON**** 

Boon never ceases to amaze me – they take modernizing simple infant and toddler gadgets and gear to an art form. Literally.  Their products just look plain cool.  (Well, they’re not plain at all).  They know how to take the ordinary into something extraordinary!

And Boon has done it again with one of their latest creations to make its appearance this fall.  It looks like a cross between something out of the Jetsons  (does that show my age?) and something you’d find at the modern art museum.

Is this a piece of art or a nightlight?

How about both!  And it’s not just for children either. Glo even has the attention of us “older kids,” leaving me thinking – where were these when I was a kid?

Besides it’s futuristic design, what’s so cool about innovatively designed Glo nightlight?

  1. The three phosphorescent (in other words, glow-in-the-dark) balls that come right off the low energy L.E.D. base, of course!  There is nothing electronic about them, and they quickly charge within 2 minutes.  The portable, lightweight balls never get warm, nor will they shatter if thrown around the room.  Kids can even take them to bed to ward off “monsters.”
  2. It’s color changing!  With a simple sliding lever, you can have the interactive nightlight run through the spectrum of colors or set it to stay on one specific color.  The settings are bright enough to scare away the scariest of ogres, but subtle enough to allow your kids to fall asleep.
  3. And like all Boon products, it’s safeBPA-freePhthalate-free and PVC-free.

We usually have it set to run through all the colors until they (meaning my son, my daughter and my husband) stop throwing and juggling the balls and finally settle down (yes, all three of the “kids”).  Then we end up switching it to red, as it is the least bright option.  And once they are fast asleep, we turn it off, leaving only the glowing balls as nightlights.

The website says the balls slowly fade after 30 minutes, but we have found that our particular set doesn’t run out for several hours.  They do get dimmer, of course, but I have seen a glimmer of light even at 3 am.  And if I’m not mistaken, the longer the balls remain on the base, the longer they will glow.

What are Glo’s best uses?

  • Nighttime game of catch
  • Luminous juggling show (The video is not a good representation of how bright these little balls can be) 
  • Lulling lightshow
  • Nightlight (imagine that!)
  • Instead of fumbling in the dark or turning on the lights in the middle of the night during a nightmare or diaper change, tending to sick children, or for a midnight bathroom and/or snack run.

Potential problems?

  • If you have more than 3 kids (or 2 kids and a husband), you might want to think about getting more than one set of this color-changing nightlight.
  • Though only a minor and temporary problem, my kids were slightly disappointed that the portable glowing balls do not change colors like the base does – they remain green when off of the base.
  • The base only comes in white, which may be a decorative issue for some.

BUY IT!  Currently, Glo retails for the pricey but completely worth-it price of $84.99.

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