BlogMania Sponsor Spotlight: BABYLEGS (**Extra BONUS Entries**)

Here’s yet another BlogMania sponsor spotlight and your chance to take a sneak peek at another prize in our spectacular prize package offered during October’s event!  Remember, ONE winner takes ALL the prizes you will see in these forthcoming sponsor spotlight posts.

Currently valued at $1,700!

And with each of these posts, you will have the chance to earn EXTRA BONUS ENTRIES  for our BlogMania package.  We’ll tell you how it works in a bit. For now, enjoy the revealing of our third prize in the BlogMania package from BABYLEGS!

**** BABYLEGS****

If you have an infant or toddler, chances are you probably have at least heard of BabyLegs.  I mean, who hasn’t, right?  My kids alone have in the vicinity of 15 to 20 pairs between the two of them.  In case you are one of the few who doesn’t know about BabyLegs, or doesn’t know how absolutely necessary these are, let me clue you in.  BabyLegs are not only adorably fun and trendy, but they are also functional and practical…

  • They make diaper changing a breeze!  Especially now that the weather is about to turn cooler, keep your baby’s sweet legs warm in a pair of leg warmers and a simple onesie.  No more having to fuss with taking off and putting on pants when you have BabyLegs on.
  • They protect chubby crawling knees from hard surfaces and carpet burns!
  • They make potty training simple!  No more removing layers upon layers of clothing during potty time.

BabyLegs are not only for babies and toddlers.  Older children, tweens, teens, and even adults can wear them as arm warmers as a fashion accessory or for an extra layer of warmth and protection.  The Hunter warmers (don’t they just scream “boy?”) are perfect for my little exploring preschooler who gets hot easily when running indoors.  He can slip them on and off under a short-sleeved shirt this fall without the fuss of having to wear a jacket.  And the color combination makes it fashionable with many different shirts.

Check out BabyLegs‘ collection of girls tights (footed and footless), baby socks, and their signature warmers.  And if it’s been awhile since the last time you browsed their shop, you’ll find a very expanded selection.  They have a brand new line of Hello Kitty warmers that are sure to bring back memories of your own childhood, as well as Woodland, Autumn Holiday, BabyLegs Rocks, Bake Shop, Folklife, NewbornFavorites, Organic.  You’ll surely find several you’ll just have to have after a few minutes of “window-shopping.” (Warning:  They are addictive.) 



Here are my littlest set of chubby legs (so far) sporting a pair of playful Calico leg warmers:

Warmers range from $10 on up while socks are $10 and tights are $15 and up.  Be sure to periodically check out their clearance section for fabulous sales and deals (which you can also find if you receive their emails or are a Facebook fan).  If you are a member of their VIP Program (Very Important Parent), you can receive loyalty and referral rewards, member-only pricing, and free shipping on all orders for the entire year – all for the price of $25.

Here are a few just in time for Halloween:

Also, keep checking BabyLegs this fall for the launch of their new winter holiday edition, which from the previews is promising to be as sweet as the holiday season.

 **WIN** a prize package of 2 warmers and 2 socks (for boys) or 2 warmers, 1 pair of tights and 1 pair of socks (for girls) during BlogMania! (Valued at $50)

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