BlogMania Sponsor Spotlight: 4MOMS (**Extra BONUS Entries**)

Once in a while we at A Nation of Moms teams up with a company we really love and believe in.  This was one of those times.

4moms, named after 4 moms (actually 5), prides itself on using experts from planning to production.  These experts include roboticists, engineers, doctors, nurses and of course the biggest experts of all – parents!  They may be a small company, but they are certainly an innovative giant in the infant product category.  Don’t believe me?  Check out their latest project coming out this fall, the unbelievable origami

Their product line is small, so you know they are:

  • ingenious (never an updated version of the hundreds of similar products in that category)
  • invented with love and deliberate consideration of the benefits for mom and baby
  • and just downright brilliant!

Look at the host of awards that they have won in the last couple of years:

PLUS, the moms behind 4moms have a very similar motive to our own blog-azine – created by moms for moms – all for one and one for all, right?  So how couldn’t we have loved them from the start?

(As if their company wasn’t great enough already, see their great causes and how 4Moms cares.)

This time we had the opportunity to drool over – I mean, review the mamaRoo for our upcoming bundle of joy #3.  We had it for a mere 10 minutes and not only fell in love, but were then left wondering when 4moms would come out with an adult-sized version of it.

It may look like your average infant seat, but…

It’s NOT a bouncy seat.  It’s NOT a swing.  It’s NOT a vibrating seat.  So what is it exactly?  It’s a sanity saver, a MUST-HAVE for a new baby and our personal pick of the year!  It’s a seat that “moves like you do.”  It bounces and sways just like a parent soothing their baby.

My first thoughts as I opened the box…

  • It was much smaller than I anticipated.  If it worked as it was designed, it would definitely put my bulky baby swing out of commission.
  • My husband and I apparently only make clingy babies that like to be held and rocked all day (I’m sure #3 will be no exception), so I can foresee lot of money being spent for batteries in our future.  Wait?  There’s a plug? You mean it’s NOT battery operated?  Now that was real thinking!  (Thanks, mamaRoo!)
  • The simple 3-step assembly process took less than 10 minutes – was this really all that we had to do?
  • The seat easily unzips and is machine washable.  We received one of their soft, plush seats, but they are also available in nylon.
  • It has a lit-up digital display that can easily be seen and fumbled with in the dark.

This stylish piece of equipment is definitely for those of you who like the latest gadgets or like to be the topic of conversation.  But as for me and other moms in my position, it gives us moms (of clingy babies) a break to get things done or simply to relax our poor, tired arms.  Though it’s not meant for children that can sit unassisted, I have often contemplated leaving my 20 month old in there to fall asleep, as she always falls asleep most easily in a car or while being “walked” and swayed to sleep in our arms.

About the Motion:

  • As the mamaRoo was designed to mimic real, live movement, it sways and bounces both horizontally and vertically in 5 unique motions
  • The 5 speeds at which the mamaRoo works were chosen for safety and comfort.  You can manually adjust it according to your baby’s desired comfort level – slow it down for younger babies and rest time, or speed it up for older babies or play time.  The noise of the motor is minimal.

About the Sounds:

  • The mamaRoo also has 5 optional built-in nature sounds that act as white noise for the baby.
  • It also has an MP3 hook-up that allows you to play your own music.
  • In either case, it comes with an adjustable volume and mute button.

About the Seat:

  • Like I mentioned, the seat can be nylon or plush, but both are easily removable by a zipper for cleaning in your washing machine.  There are 6 nylon fabrics and 4 fun plush patterns from which to choose.
  • The recline angle is adjustable (you need to lock it into position or it will not run), and the seat is roomy enough to accommodate infants from birth to 25 pounds.

About the Mobile:

  • The mobile was designed at the ideal level for infant focus – 8 to 12 inches away.
  • The toys do not rotate but move with the mamaRoo, so they remain in baby’s field of vision, making it easy to see.
  • The soft toy balls are reversible – one side in black and white (for newborns) and the other in color (for older babies).  They also easily pop out and are machine washable.
  • The design of the toys: the plush mamaRoo has cute little matching monsters while the nylon features classic patterns by artists Van Gogh, Monet and Seurat.

Potential Cons:

  • Though it’s always a good idea to never leave a baby unattended, I can see where younger children and animals may want to fiddle around with the buttons (or the baby), as the unit sits on the floor.
  • I also fear little hands and fingers getting pinched in the motion mechanism.  The instruction manual states that it detects obstructions, so I tested it out on my own hand.  It certainly does stop moving after it detected my hand in the way, however, my hand was very slightly pinched in the stopping process. In other words, it won’t hurt them much if at all, but it might give them a minor scare or small “owie” that needs to be kissed.

BUY IT!  You can purchase your very own modern mamaRoo directly from 4Moms, from Amazon or even from our own Amazon shop of favorites (yes, it is listed as one of our very few “helpful must-have” items) for about $240 for the plush seat and about $200 for the nylon seat.

You can also buy a refurbished mamaRoo for $170 or purchase an extra seat fabric for $40.

Become one of their “Insiders” and enter contests, get special deals, test products, participate inmarket reearch, become a mystery shopper and more.

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