Why I No Longer Homeschool ~ Part 3

In the last two parts of Why I No Longer Homeschool we talked about what led me to cyber school and the benefits to me.  This time, I would like to take a minute to talk about what to look for in a cyber school~ in case you decide to give it a shot for your family.

Like all decisions you make for your kids, you need to do your homework.  Start by Googling for cyber schools in your state and reading everything you can on your options.

While this is not a complete list, there are some things you should consider when choosing a cyber school for your children:

  • the school should be accredited/chartered/approved by your state Dept of Education
  • everything should be free ~ inc shipping
  • there should be frequent sponsored field trips so you can meet with other parents doing the same thing you are~ oh, and your kids and socialization and all that stuff, too…
  • a staff that understands your issues and concerns
  • good student to teacher ratio – while this may be higher than a traditional classroom, it should still be manageable
  • up to date technology and a technology dept to help with any potential problems
  • frequent parent/teacher communication
  • an easy to understand attendance policy

There are a few things that put me over the top for PAVCS and I wanted to share them with you.  Some of them are standard for cyber schools but some of their other features are unique to just them.

  • family services coordinator {she helps with all things not related to academics}
  • free computers {we have to send them back at the end of the year}
  • free manipulatives and art supplies
  • tech team for computer related issues/questions
  • dedicated dyslexia teacher
  • summer camp is available
  • placement testing to find out exactly where your child is academically {and then curriculum tailored to them}
  • Special Education teachers for special needs children
  • friendly staff {I am so impressed with the staff at PAVCS.  They have all been absolutely amazing!}

Every time I have the opportunity to meet with a representative of the school, I am so impressed.  They honestly care about making sure my children are getting the help they need.

I hope that you have this same experience as you research cyber school options.  If you have questions about cyber schooling please contact us ~ we’re always happy to throw our two cents in!


Tiffany is a SAHM to 3 Princesses.  The school age Princesses are eagerly awaiting their boxes from PAVCS and the start of 2nd grade.  Tiffany is eagerly awaiting the time when they graduate college and she knows it was all worth it.  You can find Tiffany at Home Grown Families.


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