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Our son just turned 9 years old. This upcoming school year he will be leaving our neighborhood school that is just a block away, and attending a school across town. It is a wonderful opportunity, but my husband and I are a little concerned with him being farther away. We worry about his safety and protection. We decided it was time to get him a cell phone so that if he needed anything, he could quickly reach us. We got him a phone that has GPS tracking and allows him to make phone calls and text. We taught him how to call 911, and how to call us for help. I still worried that in an emergency there wouldn’t be time for him to make the emergency call, or that he might forget what he needed to do.

Then we heard about SafeKidZone, we knew it was a necessary addition to his new phone and our peace of mind.

SafeKidZone takes your child’s cell phone and converts it into a personal security system, 24/7/365. When you have SafeKidZone, help is available to your child whenever they feel unsafe, threatened, or even in an emergency or crisis situation. By pressing one panic button on their cell phone, your child can reach emergency operators who will have access to your child’s location and their personal profile.

The service made perfect sense. It would turn our son’s cell phone into his own personal help line. I was excited to learn how it worked.

First, SafeKidZone puts a Panic Button on your child’s cell phone.

Then, When they press the button an alert is immediately sent to their Safety Network of friends and family and the 24/7 Response Call Center. The alert is sent as an email AND a text message. The precise location of the child is determined by GPS technology.

Next, The child, Safety Network and our 24/7 Response Call Center are then all connected in a live conference call.

And, if the situation is not resolved in minutes and is life-threatening, their 24/7 Response Call Center will instantly escalate the emergency to the nearest 911 responder by tele-connecting all with the Police, Fire or Ambulance and sending them the child’s Emergency Safety Profile (Vital statistics, GPS location, current photo of your child, etc.).

With SafeKidZone your child can get help within seconds of an emergency situation. Friends, family, neighbors and 911 will be mobilized to protect your kid.

It can be vital for a child in these types of situations:

  • Accident
  • Attempted sexual offense
  • Walking or playing alone
  • Attempted kidnapping
  • Avoiding dangerous areas
  • Attempted theft
  • Home alone
  • At school when threatened by classmates (bullying)
  • Experiencing a medical problem
  • Lost or can’t find their way home
  • Feels unsafe for any reason
I was sold immediately…especially when I learned more about the product and it’s features.
  • Panic Button -one touch help, fast.
  • Safety Network-trusted friends and family who are all informed when your child needs help. More people to help. Access the network on line and make changes and additions whenever the need arises.
  • Response Call Center -24 hours a day to answer your child’s call and get help.
  • GPS Location -to see where your child is at all times. This can be tracked from a parents cell phone also. That’s what is so great about the application.
  • Emergency Safety Profile -helps get information and a picture to emergency services faster if needed. This profile is very complete, medical conditions, allergies, nicknames for your child, blood type, etc.
  • Threat Level / Threat Alert -alerts parents and children as they move, the degree of threat around them.
  • Danger Zones-helps your child identify and avoid dangerous areas.
  • Crime Level and Sex Offender Map-shows location of high crime areas and registered sex offenders.
  • Audio Video Recording-once the panic button is hit, everything said and done is recorded. Assists in helping your child and offers evidence if necessary.
  • Safe Neighbors Program -more people in your child’s corner, helping to keep them safe.
  • Online Neighborhood Watch-On line community were members can weight in on the safety of neighborhoods.
Here’s a quick informational video about the service:
A few minutes on the phone with a customer service agent, and our son’s phone was ready to go. We had not yet signed up for internet on his phone, so I wondered if it would still work for us (until internet was enabled). It did, and the agent assured me that it will work on any phone. Phones without internet use a speed dial set up. The only thing that doesn’t work, without internet is the GPS tracking. You need to have internet if you want to be able to see where your child is at all times.

They have apps for all phones (iphone app will be ready in the next few weeks). The app lets you access not only the service, but all the special safety features that come with it. This means that I can be anywhere, with my cell phone and not only track our son, but check the safety of his location and be alerted if there is a problem.

My next question was the cost. I had envisioned that a product, and service like SafeKidZone would run at least $39.99 a month. After all, it is more than just a phone app. The service provides your child with a 24 hour call center. A real person on the other end of the line. (They also offer a similar service for adults, perfect for an elderly individual who might be living alone.) I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the full service is only $9.99 a month, and if you sign up they will give you a free trial. SafeKidZone also offers a modified version of the service free.  SafeKidZone is also working on launching their family plan. This is a more extensive plan that will allow the app to be accessed by a number of phones in a household.

There is great peace of mind knowing that there is an army of people watching out for our child. SafeKidZone has done just that. They have called in the troops and mobilized a small army that is always there to help and protect. I have slept better knowing that in three weeks when school starts, our son, at the touch of a button, will be able to get help.

When we told our son about SafeKidZone, he was excited. His exact words…”I won’t worry anymore, now that I know I can get help just by hitting this button.” This service will be on all of our phones as soon as the family plan is available. I know it will bring peace of mind now, and through our children’s teenage years.

Visit SafeKidZone today and bring peace of mind to you and your child.  Be sure to check out their YouTube channel also, for more on the SafeKidZone.  All readers can “like” them on Facebook and get a 15-day trial!

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    I have this on my phone! I’m a single mom with grown kids and I feel so much safer going out alone at night knowing I can get help fast if I need it.

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    I have a teen and tween and I would feel comfortable if they had were about to get help immediatly. with after school events, like cheer leading and band practice, I would not need to worry while they are waiting for me to pick them up

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    Ang Alford says:

    Right now I would use it on my phone, I have a very young daughter (to young to operate a phone) and her and I have to walk everywhere we go , I live downtown , which like most cities is a very HIGH crime area , and I always wonder what I would do if something was to happen , and I didn’t have time to unlock my touch screen go through and do everything needed to make a call. and then I could just pass it to my daughter when she is old enough to understand !! I know I would have a little more piece of mind knowing I could find out where she was at anytime of day !! belensmama at gmail dot com

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