Important Updates to Our Giveaway Policies

You might have noticed a few inconspicuous changes around here in the last few days, or maybe you’ve heard me talk about some of them in a couple of groups and forums.  I’ll give you a hint – have you taken a peek at our changes to our giveaway policies?

It all started from a tip from a fellow blogger (be sure to stop by her blog and show her some “love”) on a particular Social Media Examiner article, then I started a bit of research (which I am not quite done with yet).

Several bloggers have been taking note of these regulations, as we have all been discussing these at length.  Some blogs will make appropriate changes and some will not, but it’s not up to me or anyone to judge.  Chances that any blog will get chastised for not complying with all the rules are highly negligible.  However, regardless of what other blogs decide to do, a NoM’s intentions will always be to adhere to federal guidelines as much as possible.  One of my mottos has always been “better be safe than sorry.”

The main changes to our policies we’ve made are outlined below, but be sure to read all of our disclaimers, policies, and product review and giveaway guidelines.  Of course, as we learn more or rules change, we will update these pages.  This is not only for our readers, but for sponsors as well, as some of them are not aware of these regulations and still require hosting blogs to perform certain requirements that are in that gray area of possibly being considered illegal.  When it doubt, it’s always best to be informed – know your rights and know the rules!  And then, of course, add disclaimers to cover everything else!


  • We’ve learned that certain countries and US states have restrictions on types of giveaways that can be run and types of prizes that can be won.  We can’t keep up with all of them, thus, we’ve added:  Void where prohibited by law.
  • We’ve also discovered that by law Canadian citizens (sorry guys) cannot participate in sweepstakes-type of giveaways.  This is also true of some European countries I’ve looked up.  This doesn’t mean that we won’t include Canadians or residents of other countries in our giveaways.  It just means we have to tweak the giveaways to be contests for them, meaning that they will have to answer a simple trivia question or simple math question in order to comply with international regulations.  After all, we wouldn’t want to get our fellow Canadian readers into any hot water for winning something considered illegal on our blog.  Unfortunately, residents of Quebec will not be able to participate in any of our giveaways (don’t blame us – blame it on the stringent laws of the province).
  • The best part of the changes is that all giveaways will have a super simple mandatory entry.  We’ll still have the extra bonus entires for those of you who enjoy them, but all required entries will be to leave a comment.  No searching for a product you like on an alternate website, no joining anything, zilch!  Just leave your email in the comment.  You can write anything you’d like in that comment section.  Even a smiley face.  Just as long as you leave a comment.

The only regulation that a NoM is not following is the posting of our address, for obvious reasons.  But I might be able to justify that in court if I had to! 😉

Again, as rules change, we will do our best to update these guidelines.  Feel free to ask questions, research some of it yourself, correct us if you see something erroneous, or just say what’s on your mind.

We’ve worked hard on updating these guidelines and of course on our original disclaimers and policies that have been in place since the inception of this blog-azine.  So, if you do want to use and copy any of these documents for your own blogs or websites, please email me first for proper permission.


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    I appreciate ya’ll keeping us informed of changes and updating us! 😀
    Thank you for all you do! :)
    Have a great week!
    ~Mippy :)

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    Thanks, Mippy. You have a great week as well!

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