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**** ECOMOM****

One of my favorite and longstanding relationships is with ecomom.  I loved taking a tour of their facility and meeting everyone behind the scenes – they’re as wonderful and caring as they appear to be online, and wholeheartedly believe and live out the company’s mission.  

With so many organic and natural options out on the market today, it’s difficult to know which brands to really trust.  But with ecomom products, the guesswork is eliminated for us busy parents.  For ecomom, “good enough” is simply just not good enough for their online store.  All of their 2,000 (from skin care to school items, toys, baby gear and more) products are “ecomom approved,” meaning they have been through rigorous testing and research and have been deemed to be safer, smarter, healthier and more sustainably-minded products than conventional selections.

Two of the more difficult types of products to research are cleaning and skin care products.  (Luckily, ecomom has us covered in both departments.)   I was able to sample a few items that ecomom carries:

Dapple:   I never used bottles with my two kids, but I do use sippy cups.  With some sippy cups, it’s very difficult to get all the crevices cleaned and I spend oodles of time just rinsing it to make sure that all of the soap is removed (after all, I wouldn’t want my kids to end up with a mouthful of soap!).  However, Dapple makes it much easier with their low-sudsing baby bottle and dish liquid.  It leaves no residue or odors and rinses fast.  Just pure and simple.  It is free of parabens, phthalates, SLES and dyes and is biodegradable.  Made with baking soda and other natural ingredients, it removes all of that breast milk and formula film that other soaps may leave behind.

Bon Ami:  I’ve been a fan of Bon Ami products, specifically their powder cleanser (much like Comet), for quite some time, but I had never tried their Tangerine and Thyme dish soap and Free and Clear dish soap.  Like most traditional soaps on the market, Bon Ami dish soaps definitely got the job done, but they did it with basic, biodegradable ingredients (corn and coconut based).  Bon Ami is not a new line.  In fact, they’ve been around for a LONG time – “before cleaning turned chemical,” as they say on their labels!

Twist:  I have to admit that Twist non-scratch loofah sponges just look cooler than those bright yellow and green ugly things you buy at the supermarket.  In fact, when I first saw one, it looked so nice that I thought it was for the bath.  With a white cellulose bottom and tan scrubby loofah on top, it has no artificial colors (unbleached and undyed) and is biodegradable.  It holds up quite well through many more washings than their counterparts – even when thrown in the dishwasher.  But I do have to admit that the conventional ugly neon sponges do have an upper hand, albeit slight, on the very hard-to-scrub jobs.  With that said, I’d still prefer one of these in my kitchen any day.

CleanWell:  With back-to-school germs and all the things that my two kids touch (especially the toddler), wipes are a must.  CleanWell Sanitizing Wipes are alcohol-free and are free of toxins and synthetic chemicals.  Their moisturizing formulation of essential plants oils and mild citrusy scent kills 99.99% of germs.  This is a wipe that I would be comfortable using on my babies for sure!

Pangea Organics:  Sampling the Nigerian Ginger with Lavender and Thyme Facial Cream (for normal to combination skin types) and the Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean and Cranberry Facial Scrub (for all skin types) was a real treat for this mom (who has no time for most beauty treatments).  Both are very fragrant at first but not overpowering and the smell does quickly disappear after application.  You can really pick out the lavender (my personal favorite) in the facial cream.  A little goes quite a long way and it goes on clean with no greasy residue.  Though I can’t attest to how it performs on wrinkles and dry skin, the label states the following:

  • deeply hydrating to help balance your skin
  • anti-aging
  • the ginger is stimulating, restorative and nutritive
  • the lavender is purifying, balancing and soothing
  • contains grape leaf extract for protection from environmental elements

The facial scrub contain food-based enzymes with exfoliants for a glowing complexion.  To tell you the truth, I use a facial scrub on a daily basis, so I didn’t notice much of a change, except for the wonderful aroma as you scrub your face.  The geranium is exfoliating, clarifying and cleansing while the cranberry is a nutrient-rich, brightening antioxidant.  It’s a fairly thick paste or cream that is gently exfoliating (i.e. not super gritty), which in the long run is much healthier for your skin than those harsh facial scrubs.  Unfortunately, I am one of those that enjoys a good harsh scrubbing, no matter how terrible it is for your skin, so aside from the ingredients and the fragrance factor, this scrub is not for me.

Hellomellow: Hellomellow has a fabulous line of pregnancy and baby products that I would love to try.  Their Preggo No Itch and Stretch Mark Butter is heavenly and much easier to use than cocoa butter.  It’s, well, a lot like butter (imagine that)!  With avocado and mango butter, it is a skin protectant especially in those latter months of pregnancy.  And because pregnant women can have “smell issues,” the fragrance is slight and pleasant.  Despite it having “stretch mark” in its name, it doesn’t make your stretch marks disappear nor does it prevent them (I have yet to really see a product that does either).  But it does wonders to soothe that dry, itchy and often stretch mark burdened pregnancy skin.  Like all body butters, it is slightly greasy when you first apply it to your skin, so make sure to allow a few minutes to penetrate and absorb before putting on your clothes.  This butter is also great on lips!

For a limited time, ecomom is offering FREE SHIPPING on all US orders, so make sure you take advantage of this offer before it’s too late.  You can also purchase an annual EcoPass membership (for discounted prices, free shipping, and exclusive offers) when the free shipping does end.

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