How about premium bargain shopping AND saving the world?

You can do it at Soap Hope. Soap Hope was established on a simple concept: provide healthful, wholesome top-of-the line products to customers – then use all the profits to help women in need around the world.

They carry everything from natural body care to BPA-free water bottles to fashion bags made from reclaimed billboards – as they say on their site at, “Everything Good for Body and Home.”

With fantastic brands behind them like Indigo Wild and Pangea Organics, the products are premium, everything is offered at discounted prices, and they provide great customer service to complete the package.

You’ll want to shop for the products and prices – you’ll want to share because of their amazing business model: every dollar is invested into anti-poverty programs.  Every time you shop at Soap Hope, all the profits from the sale go to help aspiring women become educated, obtain healthcare, and start her own trade so she can support her family. 

A Nation Of Mom’s was able to get you exclusive coupon code NATION10 for 10% off everything in the Soap Hope store.  

Where you shop matters, so visit, and remember the Soap Hope motto: “Your voice is your choice!”

Soap Hope offers 100% all natural body care and eco-friendly household products at Use coupon NATION10 for 10% off everything in the store.

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