Happy Birthday, America!

I read this on the church bulletin this weekend and thought it was perfect for the day…

Growing up in Virginia I learned lots of history because so much of our nation’s history has roots in Virginia.  One of the things that I always admired and was humbled by is the great number of wealthy landowners who chose to support the revolution and subsequently lost their farms and wealth (and even lives), rather than choosing the safety of loyalty to the British.  They seemed to understand that there are matters of greater importance than wealth, or personal happiness, or personal safety or personal pleasure.  And freedom is one of them.

Freedom from the chains and gulit of sin is much greater than personal pleasure.  Freedom to live with integrity and a clear conscience is much greater than personal safety.  Freedom to experience the joy of God’s love and the wonder of His salvation is much greater than personal happiness.  Freedom to use your resources to bless others is much greater than wealth.

As we celebrate our nation’s independence, give thanks for the sacrifices of those who made freedom possible, and be reminded of what is truly important.

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