Baby Guessing Game at 4Moms!

As some of you may know, there are 4 of us moms at A Nation of Moms expecting babies this fall, and one that just gave birth to baby boy #2.  I don’t know about the other moms in our group (okay, maybe I do!), we are NOT finding out the gender of our bundle of joy #3.  So, it will be fun to see what some of our friends and family members think.  4Moms has launched a new online game for expectant parents and those who love them called the Baby Guessing Game.  It’s also a great way to earn Insider Points for discounts on their fabulous products like the ever-popular mamaRoo and the new Origami!  The Baby Guessing Game is a completely free, easy and fun game that allows friends and families of the expectant parents to predict the baby’s gender, birth date and time, and birth weight and height. You know you’ve done this before on your blog or polled via FaceBook, so why don’t give your guessers some incentive with 4Moms Insider Points for the lucky winner (By the way, the more guesses in your game, the more points you get)?  

About 4Moms

Named after 4 live moms (actually it’s 5, but 4 sounded better), this small company is dedicated to finding innovative solutions that make parenting tasks easier and more enjoyable for families all over the globe.  Real life solutions from real life moms is their motto, and we seem to see eye to eye with their mission here at our blogazine! 😉

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