Alphabeasts **GIVEAWAY**

When I first saw these guys, I was taken back to my Kindergarten days and the letter people.  I am so excited to have something similar to share with my kids.  There is so much detail and thought that has gone into the creation of each one of these beasts.

What I like about these cuddly monsters…

  • Each Alphabeast has a distinctive name and no two beasts look the same.  (Prepare to use the pronunciation key for their names!  Some are very clever.  All are unique!)
  • The letters are sewn on each beast in a contrasting color, making it easy to tell which letter is on their tummy.
  • Each beast comes with a description of his/her personality.  We used this as fodder for a story starter.
  • I love that the upper case letter is paired with the lower case letter just by turning the beast over.  This is especially important for kiddos who tend to write their lower case letters backwards.
  • The size is perfect for carrying around, laying on and tossing at your siblings without doing damage.
  • The beasts are very soft and fuzzy despite their “beastly” appearance and name.
  • They make a great “large motor” manipulative for spelling words.
  • They are washable.  That is important in our house.

These creatures are designed for kids ages 3-8, but usable for all ages.  My 1.5 year old carries his around the house while my 9.5 year old keeps trying to get him to say “T” when she points at the beast’s tummy.  So far that has not happened.  At least he is getting multiple exposures to the first letter of his name!  My 5-year-old loves to point at him and say, “Look, a D just like in my name!”  I can imagine spelling the kids’ names in beasts and lining them up on a shelf, on their beds or in a pet net to help them learn to spell their name.  The first letter of their name (first and/or last) or their initials could also be fun.  The entire alphabet would make a great addition to our homeschool classroom.

Who can use these fuzzy guys?  School teachers, homeschool teachers, parents, grandparents, adults, anyone!  Can’t you see them sitting on the floor in the reading area of a classroom, on a child’s bed as a tactile/visual reminder of the letters of their name, or as a main squeeze to adorn your desk at work!  It would be a fun birthday gift, Christmas gift, back-to-school gift, graduation gift, or wedding gift.  (Give the bride her NEW initials in beasts!)

This is a brand new company.  They have so much potential to use their amazing ideas in incredible ways.  Some things I would like to see this company do in the future:

  • Make number beasts that have body parts matching the number on their tummy.  Imagine a two-headed beast, an eight-armed beast (I would be jealous of him!), a five-eared beast, a three-legged beast and one with nine teeth.  What a fun, tangible way to teach kids about counting, too.
  • Perhaps a beast with a big heart on his tummy would allow parents to spell messages to their kids like “I love U” or “I love Jack”, etc.  Husbands and wives could give them as gifts to each other, too.
  • Create stories/books to accompany each beast.  Stories could include adventures where each beast encounters people, places and things along the way that correspond to the letter on his tummy.

I encourage you to check out Alphabeasts on the web.  The website has information on how/where to purchase the beasts, how to use them and a place for you to share how you use your Alphabeasts!  Enjoy!

Here are a couple of informational and animation videos as well:

BUY! Alphabeasts $20 each.

**Win** An Alphabeast in your choice of character/letter!


To enter, visit the Alphabeasts website and leave a comment on this post letting me know the NAME (not letter) of your favorite beast.

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