A Very Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads who have changed numerous dirty diapers, played tickle monster too many times to even count, worked arduously on our honey-do projects around the house and yard, washed our cheerio-ridden minivans, chauffeured kids to and from playdates/practice/dance class/dates, pretended worked in the garage with all your manly power tools we women try hard to not know how to use, took your little ones to the playground so that we moms could nap or clean the house, wiped little hands and faces during bath time, compassionately and attentively held your babies while exhausted and hungry after coaching us moms through childbirth, patiently rocked tiny tots back to sleep and held their tiny hands with your strong ones when they were scared, were good sports when your little girls asked you to put on a tiara and have tea with them, and most of all (for me) worked tirelessly around the clock so that we stay-at-home moms get to stay at home with their babies.  (And a whole lot more.)  Thank you, dads, for ALL that you do and more.  It may seem that your deeds go unnoticed, but they are not overlooked or unappreciated.

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