Behind the Scenes with EcoMom

Last week I got the opportunity to meet with the people behind the scenes at Ecomom.  Just as one would imagine, they are all as phenomenal as one would expect.  Only better. Helpful (like when Emily went above and beyond to help when my daughter had a diaper rash problem several months ago, and made sure to follow up a couple of times), generous and full of life are the members of their team.

I wish I had taken a picture of this fabulous team, but, as usual, my kids were busily handling everything in sight:  Playing in their empty boxes, spilling water from their cooler, and trying to play with the toys in Sarah’s office.  If you’re a blogger and work with Ecomom, you already know Sarah.  She’s incredibly sweet and worth meeting.  (She’ll be at BlogHer this year in San Diego this August.) 

Situated in a smallish but cheerfully bright warehouse and having started only 2 years ago in the guest bedroom of Jody’s home, Ecomom is growing at a tremendous rate.  In fact, they expect to expand this year by adding a second location and increasing their products to 10,000.  Amazing for such a short time!

Seldom am I completely inspired by a company.  Many companies have a great and honorable mission but lack the long-term visibility, ambition or persistence to see it through.  However, Ecomom has the great vision, plus the momentum and drive to keep it going.   I just hope I can keep up enough to stay on-board with Ecomom!  Thanks for all you do!


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    It was great to meet you and your family. Thanks so much for stopping by! Tell your husband to let me know when you are out this way again and want to surf. It will be a great excuse to get out of the office :-)


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