Top 10 Tips for Moms of Multiples


Being a mommy of multiples means having lots of patience, and some of the early memories are a bit of a blur.  I have made it almost to 3 years old with my boys, and it sure has been a roller coaster ride!  But there are a few tips I can pass along to help out those new and expecting mommies.

1. Ask for help!!

The number one rule for me is ask for help. Sometimes having 2 or more babies at a time is crazy and 2 crying babies in your face can be really crazy. So if you are lucky enough to have family or friends willing to help, take it. I don’t live in the same city as my family, so I take what I can get when I can get it.

Especially at the beginning, schedule as much help as possible.  I had my mom stay with me for the first 2 weeks after the boys came home (since they did not stay in the NICU, they were 4 days old at the time).

Grandma was a champ, she helped with cooking, cleaning and laundry! Which is what you will need help with.  After that I had a friend come out for a week. During this time, just spend as much time bonding with the babies as possible and let them do all the work!

2. Get them on the same schedule ASAP!

When you have multiples, you will soon realize you will never get any sleep or quiet time until you get them on the same schedule. If one wakes up, get the other one up and feed both! Try to lay them down at the same time as well! Though you may feel bad waking up the sleeper, you’ll be seriously sleep deprived if you don’t stick to it.

Also, have Daddy help if you are not breast feeding, especially, the first couple months!

If you are breastfeeding, get a good nursing pillow like the My Brest friend twins pillow (love this one)! It helps position the twins so you can feed them at the same time. Also, you will need some help loading up those little bundles of joy until you get the hang of feeding 2 at a time.

If you are bottle feeding, get a formula pitcher for making formula! They are great because you can make a day’s worth in the morning and just use your warmer the rest of the day…so you don’t hear protests for too long. I had to bottle feed because I did not make enough milk to keep up with them. Don’t give up though, many can breastfeed. I used to heat up a couple cups of water in the microwave and then mix in formula to that and then add water in the pitcher so you have less chunks in the mix.

3. Starting solids

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is make your own baby food. You can make ample amounts of baby food for your babies when you make it and freeze it yourself. It is so much tastier as well!! I made all my sons’ food, and it saved us hundreds of dollars.  If you are on a budget, then this is the way to go!

Also invest in a Bullet, or the New Baby Bullet for making your baby food. I swear by it.  It is so easy and much better then a blender. (No, they did not pay me for that.) I also use a pressure cooker to cook all the food because it is a huge time saver, especially on large squashes!

Use Bebe pod or Bumbo chairs to feed them at first. It is so easy to clean them and you can get them close together, I also did this for bottle feeding at about 3 months on if no one else was around!  It saved my burning arms. (The bouncy chairs were no good.)

4. Get swings and things that plug in!

Is that a weird one?? Well, it’s the truth, because how many sets of batteries will you shell out money for? A lot, so register for equipment that has a plug too!! Double the batteries goes faster!

I found that the boys did like the swings a lot so they each got one, but they had to share the Jumper and Exersaucer with one another.

5. Invest in 2 cribs

I know that many people will tell you that twins will sleep together and you don’t need 2 cribs, but I must have the twins that were the exception to the rule.  At 3 months Gabe did not want to share his crib. He would cry and cry until I moved Reese to the other crib. Just register for 2 and see what happens. I was fortunate to have the room for 2, and it was worth it.

They do learn to sleep through the other’s crying, and you will be amazed that it is like a lullaby to the other twin at times.

6. Swaddling is awesome!!

I learned very quickly that the little men loved to be swaddled! I also found a fabulous new product called the woombie! I love theses and they work so great. They have fleece ones for colder places and light ones for locations like mine in Vegas! I also like the Aden and Anais, large muslin swaddling blankets, and sleep sacks as well. I used these with the twins and some with Nico as well, but the woombie was far easier!

Here is Nico modeling the Woombie, and the sleep donut!
Nico could break out of everything and he could not Houdini out of this!

7. Get one or 2 good tub seats!

When you have twins bathing them only gets harder the older they get! You want to let them play in the shower but, you don’t want to take forever to bathe them one at a time. The solution… the bath seat! I loved my Safety first hook on the side of the tub seats! I had 2 because when they are barely sitting up, you need 2. I would get them in bathe one at a time, and then bathe the other without the worry of slipping and sliding around. I love also that they could play together in the tub as well!

This is the one I had and it was great because you could turn the seat and lock it in the direction you wanted!
Safe and secure to the side of a tub as long as you don’t have a claw foot tub or a infinity tub.

8. Get a good stroller!

Strollers are really hard when looking for twins – you want one that can fit two infant seats for a while. Some go for the Snap n Go or others find one that can fit 2 infant car seats to start.

The New Be Ready from Britax is so great!  I tested one out at the ABC Expo in October and wish I could have one myself!  It can fit 2 infant car seats and it’s not as big as a bus (but doesn’t have a lot of storage space).

I had a Graco Duo Quattro and loved it until the boys got bigger and they could kick each other.  After that I moved up to the Valco with the triplet seat (since I have one extra now).

Here is the Valco at Disneyland full to the brim with kiddos!

9. Who cares what they wear!

Take what you can get. I had friends give me a lot of clothes, and since they go through so many, it was great to have them!! I know they say to dress them differently, but when you do own matching outfits, it does make your life easier to grab one outfit for both. Try Thred Up or consignment shops.

10. My favorite Products:

  • Babylegs
  • Gro-Via
  • Ikea Bibs- They have full length sleeves and at $6 for 2 you can’t beat the price. Must go in the store for these, as they are not available online.


For more recommendations on Twins and other things, check out my blog, The Momccuaption.

Laureen, a mom to 3 year old twins and a 1 year old (all boys) is married to her high school sweetheart, and they are happier than ever.  She was a teacher before mommy hood began and never stopped.  A child development teacher by trade, she has learned so much more after becoming a mom.  Now she is a stay-at-home mom to her boys, which she admits to being the hardest job in the world. Stop by her blog, The Momccuaption, where she writes about being a mom, reviews, recipes, and more.





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    Top 10 Tips for Moms of Multiples — A Nation of Moms…


    Top 10 Tips for Moms of Multiples — A Nation of Moms…

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