I had this awesome post, but…

a few things happened along the way.

  • I had an IEP meeting where the Physical Therapist didn’t make any of the changes we asked her to on the reports.
  • The awesome Speech Therapist confirmed what I thought-Isaac is missing hearing sounds in high frequency ranges.  He’s missing the th, s, t, f and p sounds. We’re not sure if he’s not hearing them or it is the processing disorder. That lead to…
  • getting an ENT appointment to check out the fact that the rotten ear infections have returned and again, see the hearing issue in the above bullet.
  • I’m still trying to come to grips with the realities of some of the recommendations on the IEP, especially the Special Class Math. I’m still not sold. I signed off on it, because it’s easier to stop services mid stream than add them. But they know…I’m not sold.
  • My wallet went MIA. It’s in the disaster area of the house somewhere. AND the house is a disaster because….
  • Isaac had his 7th birthday, and we’ve got Lego, Star Wars, Super Hero and Buffalo Sabres puke all over my house!
  • It’s spring break!

and the biggest reason…

I had a “Mom Walton” moment at the beginning of the month around my birthday.  I was at the pet store to pick up some treats for our resident cats and there was a rescue there. I saw this little, orange 8 month old cat and heard her story…and here went my “take in every stray that comes in my direction” moment. I picked her up. She purred. Isaac loved on her. She purred.  We adopted her.

Dani (short for Danielle-the female version of Daniel Striped Tiger of Mr. Rogers’ fame..) has a penchant for my laptop. She tends to sit on my hands, my keyboard or anything that reeks of having me work. She even has taken to walking on my laptop.

This time I got up to go and get a drink from the kitchen, and I came back to a computer with the post gone and a series of random letters and numbers on it.

So, I gave up. Dani won this one.


I’m now off to clean up another set of Legos and move the stuffed Sabretooth (the Sabres mascot-a gift from my sister for Isaac on his birthday) and maybe try again to write that post. If Dani will let me.



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    What you describe happening is when I say I had enough of today yesterday! Your IEP dilemma reminds me of trying to get changes made to my son’s ISP (this is what it’s called here in NH once they age out of school). I think you’re headed in the right direction with the ENT but how about taking that a step further and have your son’s hearing tested by an audiologist who works mainly with children?. The ENT may suggest this anyway.

    As for the IEP, sometimes I had to come to grips to with what the team wanted….but then I got to thinking, it’s all about coding and paperwork. If coding my son with something that would ultimately give him more help, or even more services down the road…then why not? The code is just a code on a piece of paper for the schools ….what does it really matter what is on that piece of paper? But what is on that piece of paper could become very valuable in getting services as he gets older. For instance, my son was labeled visually impaired….but come time for when he exited school, that visual impairment was turned into legally blind (his vision can’t be measured but he has optical nerve damage in one eye…and we know he can see out of the other but not how well) ,…so b/c of this, he was able to get benefits from the state to supplement his SSI. Likewise with getting adult services. Individuals were put on a wait list for adult services…my son included. But b/c of the severity of his disabilities, his wait was a LOT shorter than other individuals. So, don’t fret over what they want to code your son with …it’s just a code and it doesn’t change anything within him, but only may help him. Think of the special math class as a personal tutor…one you’re not paying for :-)….and yes, you’re right…it can be stopped.

    As for your precious baby…I am a cat lover…I have 16. Many of my babies insist they jump up on my desk, walk on my keyboard and lay directly in front of the keyboard when I am trying to type. They accomplish inserting extra letters and removing text and setting off the PC speakers where they make this funny noise. I have learned though….the mouse does a fantastic thing when I right click. That being, I right click and select undo until I get back to where I was….maybe this would work for you too :-)

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    Hi Susan!

    First off, thanks so much for your input! So nice to hear someone else who has the same head banging trials.

    With the ENT, they have an in house pediatric audiologist. He’s scheduled in with them first and then we’re chatting with the doc. It’s nice to have that kind of office available to us! :)

    With the PT and her blatant disregard of the paperwork, we’ve had issues with the paperwork not matching for services. Her paperwork doesn’t match the rest of the team’s paperwork. I frankly could care less about the diagnosis. I just want everything to match. She’s been asked to correct this before and hasn’t done it. Oy.

    and as for Dani, our nutty 3rd cat…she not only killed the post, she locked up the computer as well, requiring a forced shutdown. She’s actually standing over me right now looking adorable so I won’t notice she’s eyeballing my computer.


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    kimberly hock says:

    I hate IEP meetings.. i wish you much luck.. fight the good fight!

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