Got Paper? Staple’s MiniMate Shredder Can Help!

With tax season behind us and our inter-state move imminently around the corner, I needed to go through our home office and start throwing out old and confidential files and old tax returns.  Of course, I couldn’t just throw them out in the trash.  I needed to shred them securely (and I hope all of my readers take these precautions as well).   NOTE: I have been a victim of horrific identity theft in my college years, and I’m here to tell you that it was no walk in the park to redeem my identity (and I still have minor issues today, years later).

For the past several years, we had relied on an older model (standard sized, bulky) shredder, and though the bin capacity is much larger, it took up a lot of room and was unsightly.  After receiving our Staples MiniMate 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder and comparing the two, we happily put our old one for sale in our moving sale.  It’s just as fast and powerful as our previous one, but it’s smaller – a space saver.  Perfect for small and shared spaces like cubicles, dorm rooms and the like!

Its sleek design is versatile – it looks good on your desktop, countertop or on the ground.  The MiniMate Shredder is lightweight and easily portable (it has a handle!), and the cord easily detaches.  It features 2 power buttons (one of the front and one on the side) and indicators for when the bin is full or when the unit is overheated or overloaded.

During my husband’s hours (yes, literally hours) of use this last week, we found that the unit never jammed, quickly shred, was easy to empty and easy to use.  Even my 3 year old helped out.  Sure it overheated several times, but then again, don’t accumulate boxes of to-shred piles like we did over the last 2 years and you should be good to go.

The best part?  No more having to remove staples before shredding!

Other features:
  • 6-Sheet, Cross-Cut,
  • Shreds Credit Cards and Staples
  • 2 minute continuous run time
  • Shreds 8 feet per minute
  • 1.37 gallon wastebasket capacity
  • Cross-Cut shred size: 0.156″ x 1.103″
  • Manual reverse jam protection
  • Auto start and stop
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 13.98″H x 7.8″W x 10.75″D


Buy or Not Buy? A good cross-shredder is always a wise investment.  I wouldn’t recommend it for an office-full of employees or for someone who shreds a great deal on a daily basis, but this shredder is definitely great for personal or home use.  At $49.99, it is definite buy and small price to pay for privacy!  Staples MiniMate Shredder is available in 3 colors:

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  1. 1

    I bought this shredder about two months ago. It was great for the first couple of weeks, but got continually louder and slower. After shredding ONE credit card, the performance dropped noticeably. It died shortly after a month and a half of light use. I used it to shred about 3 Credit Cards, 4 check books and maybe 50 pages all together. It was a good design that executed poorly.

  2. 2
    Valerie says:

    Oh, how awful! Maybe yours was a lemon? Did you try contacting them for a replacement or refund at least?

  3. 3

    It wasn’t a lemon. they are all that way. Mine did the same thing. Once they get jammed, and even if you remove the jam, they’ll never be the same. Great idea; doesn’t stay strong.

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