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The grass is always greener on the other side.  Curly haired gals want straight hair, straight haired want curly.  Thick hair wants thinner and thin hair wants thick hair.  It’s a never-ending battle.

I was “blessed” with very curly, baby fine hair that only grows to a certain point just past the middle of my back.  Since I can remember, I have always wanted thick slightly wavy hair that could just keep growing.  If I had a dime for every time I heard a hairdresser tell me that I had super fine hair, I’d be a millionaire.  Sure, it’s very soft, but super fine baby hair generally amounts to very thin and stringy hair that barely hides your scalp.  I just wish I could try on long, lush hair for size.  Just once.

Then it occurred to me.  Celebrities do that all the time.  So do high school girls for prom.  I call it “red carpet hair.”  I had never even given hair extensions a thought.  Ever.  To be completely honest, though I thought glammed up celebrity hair was beautiful, the thought of putting on extensions was just plain weird.  I somehow mustered up the courage to try Milani Hair’s (100% Real Remy Human Hair) clip-on extensions, and I’ll admit that it was really fun.  Whether it’s a special occasion, you just want to enhance your own hair, you’re waiting for your hair to grow out, or you would just like to see what it’s like on the other side of the fence for a day, Milani Hair system is the right choice.

The Milani Hair system comes in 7 separate 20 inch, low-maintenance pieces (or wefts) with perfectly matching clips.  Having them as separate wefts rather than in one piece gives you the control of how much volume and where you would like to place each weft.  Use as many or as few as you’d like.

My Before and After (yes, my curly hair was straightened in this picture):

Look at how long it is even after I cut several inches off the ends!

Though I won’t be wearing extensions on a regular basis, it was interesting to see how many people noticed the change (and the change was pretty big, since my hair was cut short fairly recently).  I was very worried about how it would work or blend in with short, thin hair but I managed.  It took a bit of creative styling to make the huge difference in lengths less obvious (notice my own hair was easily clipped in the back in these photos), but it wasn’t impossible.

For once I had the voluminous hair I had always dreamt about – instantly.  And having extensions wasn’t at all what I had expected.  It was comfortable, easy, and virtually undetectable.  I was afraid that with my current hair weighing next to nothing that the weight of the extensions would start to get to me.  But they did not feel heavy at all, even after several hours of use, and the clips didn’t tug on my own hair.  Milani Hair felt and looked natural and incredible. (Note: I did experience some very minor shedding of the hair extensions.)

To see how easy and fast it is to clip in these extensions, watch this step-by-step video.

While Milani Hair comes in silky straight texture, you can wear it curly, too.  The beauty of real human hair extensions is that you can treat it like you would your own hair – color it, use styling products, wash it, blow dry it, curl it, straighten it.

There are other manufacturers of human hair extensions, but the quality of Milani Hair is unbelievable and the price is even more so.  I started pricing popular human hair extensions (like Jessica Simpson Hair) and found that most are double the price of Milani Hair, which is priced at $177.  Plus they offer a free professional ceramic hair straightener (valued at $160) with your order.

So go ahead and play with your hair like you never have before!

What is Remy Hair? Remy Hair popularly referred to as ‘virgin hair’ is a 100% premium quality human hair product made with only young and healthy raw materials of the utmost caliber. Remy hair has an incredible appearance, silky texture and shiny surface.

About Milani Hair

Leyla Milani is the brainchild behind Milani Hair Extensions. As an actress and former Deal or No Deal model (Lucky #13), Leyla was always getting compliments on her famous locks and fan mail from around the world asking how to get her look.

Although she was fortunate enough to be born with a thick head of hair, after more than 200 shows on D.O.N.D and countless other TV and film roles, Leyla started noticing her own hair breaking and losing its luster. All those hot tools, teasing, and styling products had finally taken a toll on her once healthy hair. She didn’t want to turn to expensive and often damaging “glue-in” or “sew-in” salon hair extensions as she saw firsthand the damage it had done to many of her model/actress friends’ locks, but she just couldn’t find high quality, yet affordable human clip-in hair options. Still, she had to do something. She couldn’t stand another day frying her hair or worse, risk losing most of it!

That’s when MILANI CLIP-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS were born—the do-it-yourself, affordable, clip-in and-go hair extension solution!

(By the way, Lelya is incredibly down to earth and goes above and beyond in customer service.)

So what is Milani Hair sponsoring for April’s BlogMania? It’s not hard to guess!

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