BlogMania EXTRA BONUS ENTRIES: Label Out Loud with Mabel’s Labels

Another featured spotlight of BlogMania sponsors for our “No More Desperate Housewives” theme…

**** Mabel’s Labels ****

How many times have you sent your kids off to school or soccer practice only to have them lose “stuff”?  Does this happen to you on a regular basis?   Kids lose stuff (I think it’s part of their job description).  Okay, I admit that sometimes even I get confused when I see two identical water bottles sitting in the same spot – which one was mine again?  It doesn’t matter how many times I use a permanent marker, it somehow rubs off after multiple washings.

The great moms at Mabel’s Labels created the perfect and innovative solution.  All of their labels are:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Laundry safe
  • Customizable – colors, icons and names
  • Durable

And these labels aren’t just for kids “stuff.”  They are so versatile, that the sky’s the limit on how you can use them…

Organizing your home for a good Spring Cleaning?  Get organized with Household Labels –  from storage bins, food containers and spice jars to craft supplies, electronics cords and trash cans.  That’s heaven for an organizing addict like me.  In my utopia everything would have its own cubby and a matching label. 

They even have personalized stationary products and disposable safety products like allergy and special needs alerts and 411 wristbands for children.  

Here are some more of Mabel’s label and tag options:

Or try one of their combo pack varieties if you are overwhelmed and don’t know which labels to try first.

There is FREE standard shipping on every order in Canada, so label to your heart’s content(I may need to get some labels to remember my kids’ names!)

Be sure to subscribe to Mabel’s newsletter to stay informed of new labels and offers.

So what is Mabel sponsoring for April’s BlogMania? You’ll have to wait for the upcoming prize reveals right before the event (April 9th-11th), but for now stay tuned for more sponsors.

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