Wonder WAHMs: 7 Reasons Why Work-at-Home Moms are Today’s Superheroes

By Hemily Lang who also writes about paralegal certification and ways to earn your social worker degree.

1. Telepathy

WAHMs seem to possess the incredible ability to read the minds of others, especially when these minds belong to their own children. If a child is lying or needs something without voicing that, a WAHM seems to know immediately. WAHMs are like Saturn Girl in their telepathic abilities. Although they may be unable to probe minds aggressively like Saturn Girl, they perceive enough of what’s going through their families minds to keep the immediate environment in order.

2. Super Intelligence

Intelligence is required in order to meet work deadlines at the same time as meeting the demands of screaming children. Managing a job at the same time as managing a child loads WAHMs with a lot of experience and knowledge for how to approach life. Just like Brainiac, WAHMs must maintain this super intelligence to keep performing what’s required of them.

3. Omnicience

With the high stress environment a WAHM has to experience, she has to make important decisions all the time that will affect her family and her career. With so much at stake, WAHMs must learn to make the right decision each time. WAHMs can always offer the best advice for their children because chances are, they’ve experienced it themselves. WAHMs are essentially the omnipotent Infinity in its female form, heavily influencing and maintaining their own worlds.

4. Power Absorption

WAHMs are always learning from coworkers or other mothers around them to learn how to better handle their own situations. Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory refers to this skill as observational learning, but we think it’s more of a superpower. When approached with a daunting task, Rogue would simply absorb the super powers of another and she’d be able to handle the task with ease. Similarly, WAHMs pick up on the way others are managing similar obligations to make their own lives a bit easier.

5. Accelerated healing

A WAHM manages so many tasks at once, she barely has the time to rest when she’s not well. Her world might fall apart if she takes ample time to recover from sickness, so she must heal in a fraction of time that a normal person would require. WAHMs are like Wolverine in that they seem to possess a mutant healing factor. Although they may be unable to regenerate diseased cells in a matter of seconds, they sure know how to find the best medicine that will quickly get them back on their feet. There are certain things in a WAHM’s life that must get done whether her body complies or not, so she must will herself back to health.

6. Invisibility

A WAHM’s children may not think she’s watching all the time with everything that she has to do, but they are very wrong. A WAHM has the ability to trick her children into thinking her frantic typing means that she’s too busy to be concerned with their whereabouts or activities. However, a WAHM always keeps a watchful eye over her children even when they’re not aware of her presence. They are each the Invisible Woman in the truest of senses.

7. Accelerated Hearing

From the downstairs computer, a WAHM seems to know when her child in the upstairs crib is stirring and about to let out a wail. In the presence of a WAHM, it is unsafe for children to spill to their friends about future plans of sneaking out or for husbands to tell a buddy that he cheated on his diet by downing a whole pizza. WAHMs, like Superman, will hear what’s going on in the next room with little effort.


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    Yeah for WAHMs! Wish I had started a long time ago. Being able to make enough to pay the little extras makes a big difference to everyone..

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    LOL!!! Love it!!!! 😀


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