Boon Potty Bench **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**

We introduced a potty chair to our son at 11 months, but not for the purpose of actively potty training.  We wanted him to get accustomed to and familiar with a child-sized potty to make potty training easier down the road.  And it did, as he was potty trained before he was 2.  (On his own!) Being that my daughter is now 13 months, we thought it was about time to introduce one to her.

Our last potty chair sang and talked, and though my son thought it was fun for a while, even he wanted us to turn off the switch after a while.  In case you were wondering, they, too, can be annoying to kids.  Besides requiring batteries and playing a song that almost 2 years later is still stuck in my head, I also had a few other issues with our son’s old potty chair.  The seat was rigid and narrow, so my son would complain of his discomfort after prolonged periods of sitting.  Then there was the awful deflector.  It would easily detach and fall into the dirty toilet bowl any time you would barely bump into it (which would be any time my son would get on or off the potty or just slightly to one side to adjust his poor bottom from the discomfort of the seat).  Or my son would find the deflector so intriguing that he would grab it and try to chew on it (gross!).

Needless to say, I was ready for a new potty chair.  One that would take care of all these issues and more.

As I mentioned before, when it comes to revolutionary infant and toddler products, Boon is at the forefront.  Just look at their potty bench!  At first glance, it doesn’t look like the average potty chair, so it disguises well in an adult bathroom.  It merely looks like a stylish step stool, right?

No annoying tunes, no sticker dispensers, no batteries – just simple, modern innovation at its best.

Great for the minimalist who hates clutter, this potty bench earns the second part of its name (“bench”) because it does double-duty as a step stool when the lid is closed.  No scratch that.  It triples as an organizer/storage area for a toddler’s potty needs.  Essentially it functions as a 3-in-1!

  • It has two large side storage areas for wipes, books, or other supplies you may need.  One side even has a toilet paper holder.  We used to have to keep a stack of books in the bathroom that would inevitably get wet during bath time.  Now there is a proper cubby to protect them and get them out of the way and keep the bathroom looking clutter-free.
  • The wide no-tip, no-slip step stool, supporting up to 300 lbs of weight is also great as a seat for parents at bath time.
  • Low to the ground, the potty bench is perfect for even the shortest of toddlers.
  • The separate toilet bowl is housed as a drawer that easily slides out for quick clean-up.
  • The angled seat catches any overspill. It’s also comfortably wide (so no more complaints about discomfort), but still with a small opening so that kids feel secure.
  • Let’s talk deflectors… Boon has perfected the deflector in this potty bench.  It doesn’t easily come out unless you slide out the drawer.  It’s also large enough to catch anything, and is soft and flexible to guard against injury.

As soon as we received it in the mail, my son felt a sort of possession over it.  Though he understands that it’s supposed to be for his sister, he carefully watches her every time she gets near it.   And she sits on it periodically (chews on the deflector!) and lifts the lid up and down several times to play, but shows no real interest in using it yet, so my son is currently using it to reach the sink.

That’s the beauty of it – the potty bench will outlast the traditional potty chairs.  When they are old enough not to have to use a toddler potty, the Boon potty bench will still prove useful as contemporary step stool for the entire family.

The only con? It’s rather large in a cramped bathroom.  But then again, you won’t have to purchase a separate step stool for the sink, so it may be a bit of a space saver.

Bottom Line: A definite buy!

BUY! Boon potty bench for $34.99.  Available in blue or lime green.  10% of Boon‘s profits are donated to children’s charities.

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