BlogMania Spotlight on IKEA (**EXTRA BONUS ENTRIES** To Use NOW)

Remember last September’s BlogMania Extravaganza?!?!  Well, BlogMania is back and better than ever!  On April 9th and 10th, thousands of dollars and hundreds of items will be up for grabs for several readers across many blogs.  This time our theme is “No More Desperate Housewives,” showcasing some of the best items to cure the “desperate housewife” of her ordinary life.  We’ll reveal the items in our package one at a time, but for now, we would like to introduce to you one of our sponsors, IKEA.  You’ve seen them on A Nation of Moms before, and they are coming back to sponsor some items for the big event in April.

**** IKEA ****

Best known for their affordable, innovative and functional modular furnishings, IKEA is always welcome at the top of any housewife’s list.  They have a vast array of products to just about completely furnish a home from start to finish – from kitchenware to furniture to storage and organization and more.  Even toys to keep the little ones occupied while you shop. I marvel at their “fashion-forward” and unique designs that are also very practical.

Worried about quality and safety?  Well, don’t be.  IKEA‘s prices are not reflective of their extremely strict standards of safety and quality.  They manage to keep their bargain prices at rock bottom because their company is brilliantly run efficiently.  IKEA uses renewable materials whenever possible, slashes overhead costs by having these DIY warehouses, uses plain (recyclable) packaging, and prints simple pictorial instructions.  Smart, right?

So what is IKEA sponsoring for April’s BlogMania? Well, we’ll be revealing that next month.  For now, just know it’s all about organization and storage, which for this mom, it’s a dream!  Stay tuned for more sponsors and upcoming prize reveals this month and next.

From today until April 1st, A Nation of Moms is offering **extra bonus entries** into any (yes, ANY) of our current and upcoming giveaways by doing any of the extra optional follows at the end of each of these BlogMania Sponsor Spotlights.  Just simply follow these steps:

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Without further delay, here are the EXTRA ENTRY opportunities that will be available at the end of each BlogMania sponsor post:

  • Become a fan IKEA on FaceBook – feel free to tell them A Nation of Moms sent you!
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