Crafty Christmas Ornaments

We went to a Christmas party for my husband’s job earlier this week and I saw these cute little snowman s’mores ornaments, doubled as centerpieces, that they were giving out as party favors for the kids.  They were so cute such a great idea for an easy and inexpensive craft that I just had to share it with you guys.

After asking around, I found out that it was a craft kit purchased at the Oriental Trading Company.  Now I know that the OTC has a bunch of cheap items already, but isn’t it more fun sometimes to get the supplies and do it yourself?

I searched their website and could not find this particular ornament available any longer.  The closest I came to was this turkey (which I admit is very similar).  But I did find some other cute ones that I am sure you could do yourself at home.  Like this penguin made from a metal jingle bell.  Or this snowman made from a small wooden flower pot.  This reindeer made out of cork may be a little more difficult but still doable.  And these little critters look super easy.

The particular one I have in my possession is made from foam, pipe cleaners and a few extras like buttons, felt, ribbon, etc.  Even for this non-crafty person (i.e. me), I know I could pull off a decent – okay “fair” – replica.  

Living in a smallish town, the marshmallow foam for the body would not be an easy find.  However, you could just as easily use a couple of real marshmallows for this one.  Marshmallows harden over time, so it could stiffen up and be a perfect solution.

The rest of the foam pieces could be cut out and assembled with foam glue.  The writing on the “chocolate” can be easily done by hand.  The hardest part of the whole craft (for me anyway) is the hat.  If you can’t find a tiny hat, you may need to make one and I am NOT one that sews.  But maybe some felt shaped into a cone and glued or stapled might work at a hat.

Anyway, have fun recreating these with your kids and then decorating your tree with them, using them as inexpensive gifts (for teachers, kids at school, etc.), or handing them out at your own Christmas party!


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    I thought the base was a toilet paper roll…from the photos it looks to be about the same size and would probably would great for something like that. Of course not useful to make a s’more but it would last a whole lot longer that way :)

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    It’s actually smaller than that, but I am sure you could go bigger and make it out of a toilet paper roll. Or you can find a spool that’s smaller (perhaps a spool from a roll of medical tape or gauze?).

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